Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Surprise! Surprise! The First Amendment also applies to Muslims.

MURFREESBORO — A Rutherford County judge decided to uphold his earlier decision that the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro has a right, by law, to build a bigger place of worship.

“Those who are adherents to Islam are entitled to pursue their worship in the United States just as are those who are adherents to more universally established faiths (in our community),” ruled Chancellor Robert Corlew III. ….. Corlew’s latest ruling reiterated that Islam is a religion. (link)

Wow! What a concept! The people of a community don’t get to decide who gets to have a house of worship. They don't get to decide who is covered by the First Amendment? I knew it would come to this. First, you let in the Jews with their funny little caps and weird dietary laws and openly denying that Christ is the Messiah and they start building Synagogues. Jews!   

Then, the Catholics: You know those Catholics take their orders from the Pope and can’t really be good Americans.  You know that don’t you? For hundreds of years, Catholics governed much of the world.  Catholicism is really a political system and not a religion.  Anyway, we let in those weird Catholics who worship Mary rather than Jesus and they became established.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Knights of Columbus are not stockpiling weapons in the basement of the local Catholic Church, just waiting for the day they can again make war on protestants and rule the world.
Then, we let in lots of other weird religions, like Hindu and Buddhist.  There is a Hindu Temple in Bellevue. Talk about weird!  It is full of these ugly little idols that those people worship.  This is America, we shouldn’t allow that.  Hindu and Buddhist in America? We ought to make everybody be a Christian.  This nation was founding as a Christian nation, by God, and if you don’t want to be a Christian, just get the Hell out! That's what I say.

To be an American, you should have to be a Christian. It is that simple. That's what I believe and that is what Lou Ann Zelenik believes.  She didn't exactly say that but she said the First Amendment doesn't cover Muslims. 

I think you ought to have to be a Christian. But, not just any Christian. Well, the Catholics aren’t really Christian, anyway, so I don’t even count them.  But there are a bunch of others who claim to be Christian, like the Mormons.  They get to have more than one wife and they wear holy underwear that they can never take off and they believe they can Baptize by proxy people who are already dead and get them into heaven.  How weird is that?
Then we got the Jehovah ’s Witness. I don’t know a lot about them, but they keep ringing my door bell wanted to talk to me.  I understand Michael Jackson was a Jehovah’s Witness and he was really weird. That’s all I need to know about Jehovah’s Witness.
And, we have the Church of Scientology. I won’t even go there. They are just kooky!

Now, I believe in the First Amendment and all, but it ought to be for people like us.  I can understand it covering the Church of Christ, despite them thinking they are the only ones going to heaven; and, the Methodist, but they have become so liberal and wishy-washy, I don’t really care for the Methodist, nevertheless, they should have the right to be wrong; and, it should cover the Pentecostals, except for the really weird ones who are nothing but charlatans taking advantage of people and performing phony miracles.
Now, all of the Baptist should be covered by the First Amendment, that just goes without saying.  I really do believe in the First Amendment.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Dave Patterson leads the Color Guard at the Titans game

Dave Patterson
Saturday night at the Tennessee Titans game, Metro Council candidate for District 4, Dave Patterson, was the man leading the U.S. Army Color Guard onto the field for the posting of the Flag for the singing of National Anthem. The crowd gave the Color Guard an enthusiastic standing ovation as they entered and exited the field and many children reached out for fist bumps and high 5s.

Dave is a member of the U. S. Army Reserves. He enlisted in 1988 and then sought to become an officer, receiving his commission in 1994. He served on active duty as a Lieutenant and Captain throughout the 1990s with tours in Korea and the Middle East.  While on active duty he was responsible for deploying units of the famous 3rd Infantry Division to Iraq, nicknamed “the Rock of the Marne.” The 3rd Infantry Division was the first conventional U.S. unit to enter Baghdad during the 2003 invasion, and the first division to serve four tours in Iraq. He has been in the Army Reserves the past 10 years.

Dave is in a run-off for the District 4 Council Seat on September 15th. In August, Dave came in second behind the incumbent, in a crowded six-man race. Several of the others in that six-man race are now supporting Patterson. Dave has a very good chance of victory in September.

When asked why he is running for office, Patterson said, "My leadership experience in the Military combined with my business experience makes me the right choice for solving Nashville's challenges. We need to create the right environment for job creation, make our neighborhoods safer, and reduce the tax burden on our citizens. I am prepared to lead on these issues on day one."

Patterson also said, "As Councilman, I want to ensure our Fair Grounds are protected and enhanced so they become a show piece of the city and a destination. We need to make our city more attractive to both businesses and individuals by lowering our property tax rate so it's more in line with the surrounding counties."

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Sen. Henry, Rep. Gotto and Rep. West (retired) endorse Josh Stites in District 13

Josh Stites
NASHVILLE – State Senator Doug Henry, State Representative Jim Gotto and State Rep. Ben West (retired) have formally announced their support for Metro Council Candidate Josh Stites in his race for the 13th District Council seat. Stites is in a runoff election to be held on September 15th.

"I am grateful for the support of Sen. Henry, Rep. Gotto and Rep. West,” Stites said. “These men have worked for more than 70 years collectively to improve the city of Nashville and the State of Tennessee. I am honored by their faith in my ability and my goals for our city.”

Senator Doug Henry
“Josh Stites is an intelligent, honest and hardworking young man,” said Sen. Henry. “He has impressed me with his ability to work with folks from all political parties and philosophies. He will rise above politics to get things done for Nashville. I am honored to offer my endorsement of his candidacy. His ability to gain support from people on both sides of the aisle proves his value to Nashville on this council.”

Ben West
"Josh is the kind of person who runs for the Council not for political reasons but for the opportunity to serve his community,” said Rep. West. “I am impressed at his knowledge of government finances and I know from my 30 years of public service that his experience will be called upon often over the next four years. He will be a trusted voice in Metro's financial matters. Josh is one of the hardest working people I know and this district will be well-served by his energy and enthusiasm. I'm excited to endorse someone who I truly believe is the future of Nashville's leadership."
Rep. Jim Gotto

"Josh has the education, experience, and character to lead Metro through the difficult financial years ahead,” said Rep. Gotto. “He is a natural leader and a hard worker who will champion the needs of the 13th district on the Council."

Early voting begins in five runoff elections across Davidson County starting August 26th running through September 10th. Election Day is September 15th.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

President Obama has just confirmed that the DC earthquake.....

President Obama has just confirmed that the DC earthquake occurred on a rare and obscure fault-line, apparently known as "Bush's Fault".

Obama also announced that the Secret Service and Maxine Waters continue an investigation of the quake's suspicious ties to the Tea Party. Conservatives however have proven that it was caused by the founding fathers rolling over in their graves.

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Glen Casada at Green Hills Breakfast Summit

RISE & SHINE, Join Your Fellow GOP'ers

DCRP-Davidson County Republican Party Announces
Saturday, August 27, 2011
Swett's-Green Hills-2209 Abbott Martin Rd.
Breakfast begins @ 8:15 ($8.75 no credit cards)
Meeting begins at 9:00.. sharp

State Representative Glen Casada
Glen Casada  
-The latest news on Redistricting in Tennessee.
-Highlights of the Legislative Session
-Priorities for 2012

Event Chairman - Peter and Gail Voysey
DCRP Chair - Kathleen Starnes
DCRP Summit Consultant - Rod Williams

Join our mailing list

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The United Way Funded Neighborhood Resource Center Promotes’s Leftist Agenda.

The United Way of Metropolitan Nashville does a lot of good things. They support many fine programs that help thousands of people in our community. They help those in crisis with food and shelter and health care and counseling, they have helped hundreds of Nashville families affected by the May 2009 flood, and United Way supports programs to help lift people out of poverty. I have personally contributed to United Way. I admire the work of the organization and hesitate to criticize them. I am disappointed, however, that United Way is supporting an agency that is a engaging in blatant liberal political activism. That organization is the Neighborhood Resource Center.

NRC is an organization devoted to community organizing. They do some good things that almost all would agree are worthy endeavors, but they definitely have a liberal agenda. According to the United Way 2009 Income Tax return, the Neighborhood Resource Center received three grants that year, one for $231,958 and two smaller grants, one for $3500 and one for $1,698. United Way has funded the Neighborhood Resource Center since 1997. I have emailed United Way asking what the current level of funding is for NRC and have asked what programs that funding supports. When I get an answer, I will update this report. If I do not get the courtesy of a reply, I will also update and let readers of this blog know.  I have also offered United Way a chance to respond to this post.

I am sure that if United Way is asked about the funding for the Neighborhood Resource Center they will say that the grant is awarded for a specific program and funds received from United Way are not used for political activism. We all know that, that is not the way things really work. If NRC is receiving $237,000 from United Way, that funding is paying for overhead, salaries, and utilities and is also freeing up other NRC funds to be used for political activities.

On August 20, 2011 the Neighborhood Resource Center hosted a meeting at their Third Avenue headquarters for participants to discuss how to implement the Contract for the American Dream. The announcement for the meeting said, “We will be gathering to discuss how we can bring back our country and our state to one that values people over corporations and believes that we all do better when we all do better. Your ideas and networks are vital to the success of this Progressive movement.” Other organizations participating in the event included Progressive Democrats of America and Tennessee Citizens Action.

The Contract for the American Dream is a project of the far left MoveOn.Org. A whole host of other liberal and leftist organization are also partnering in the Contract for the American Dream campaign including Planned Parenthood, Progressive, Progressive Democrats of America, Daily Kos, People for the American Way, and Code Pink.

The Contract for the American Dream is a major effort to energize the left. It calls for new massive government spending and wealth redistribution. The Contract calls for the following: “investment” in infrastructure, massive government “investment" in green jobs, a mandatory living wage, universal access to early childhood education and affordable higher education for all, universal single-payer health care, no changes to social security, higher taxes on the wealthy, an end to the wars and to bring home the troops now, a tax on “wall street speculator”, and to “ban anonymous political influence, slam shut the lobbyists' revolving door in D.C., and publicly finance elections.”  Would not everyone agree that that is a liberal partisan agenda?

If you work at a company that encourages participation in a United Way workplace campaign, you may want to ask the United Way spokesman who comes to urge your participation, why you should contribute to an organization that is political in nature and who works to achieve political objectives with which you disagree. You may want to consider withholding your funding of United Way and contribute directly to an organization you trust. If you work for one of those companies that “strongly encourages” participation and you feel failure to participate could endanger your continued employment, you may want to look into designating your gift to a particular United Way agency rather than the United Way general fund.

In addition to United Way of Metropolitan Nashville, other funding sources for the Neighborhood Resource Center include the following: The HCA Foundation, The Frist Foundation, Regional Transportation Authority, The Memorial Foundation, The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, James Stephen Charitable Foundation, The Temple (Congregation Ohabai Sholom), Hermitage Environmental Leadership Project, 61st Avenue United Methodist Church, and Organized Neighbors of Edgehill.

If you have any influence with any of the above organizations you may wish to raise a question as to why they are funding a liberal activist organization.The Frist family are conservatives, are they not? Why are they funding this left-wing agenda? The Regional Transportation Authority operates on tax dollars. What are they doing supporting a partisan liberal political organization? Next time the local government is asked to fund RTA, someone should ask.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update: ‘Will Islamic law ever be a part of the U.S. legal system?’

Last night, I attended the event at the First Amendment Center addressing the topic of Sharia law. The room was full. Many activist in the anti-Muslim movement and other conservative activist I recognize were there. The event was peaceful and most people were respectful and polite. There was some under-the-breath mumbling and dismissive light laughter however when the defenders of the First Amendment and those who were dismissive of the supposed threat of Sharia Law made their points. During the Q & A session, some of the anti-Sharia folks in attendance were like anxious kids in a classroom who know the answer to a question and they were enthusiastically waving their hands wanted to be called upon for the opportunity to ask a question.  When called upon however, they usually wanted to make a statement rather than ask a question.
Moderator Gene Policinski, Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the First Amendment Center did an excellent job in giving all members of the panel an opportunist to be heard and in moderating the question and answer session.  He did prod questioners with the occasional, "Do you have a question?" and he did have to tell some who wanted to make speeches that their time was up.  He was very fair and balanced in conducting the meeting and let questioners have a lot of latitude, yet still kept the event from turning into a circus.

Below is very factual report on the event from This is an unsigned article, but I want to commend the author for a very detailed and accurate description of the event. There is no use me saying more about the event when this writer does such an excellent job of reporting. Rod Williams

Shariah Law Sparks Lively Debate
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A panel exploring whether Islamic law — Shariah — could ever become part of the U.S. legal system produced some emotional fireworks last night at the First Amendment Center.

Lawmakers in at least 13 states, including Tennessee, have filed bills that would bar judges from considering Shariah law in legal decisions, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Advocates for such measures warn against any application of Islam’s religious tenets in the U.S. Opponents say such laws are not needed, and that the proposals simply reflect an out-of-control “Islamophobia” aimed at restricting the presence and religious beliefs of Muslims.

Panel members — and the audience — reflected both views, heatedly at times.

Bill French, who writes under the name Bill Warner, said history had shown encroachments by Islamic law in non-Muslim societies. French founded and directs the Center for the Study of Political Islam in Nashville. (continue reading)

Aug. 22 discussion at First Amendment Center

A discussion of the potential application of Islamic law in the United States, and proposals to limit or prevent that possibility, will be held at 7:30 p.m. CT, Monday, Aug. 22, at the First Amendment Center, 1207 18th Ave. South, Nashville.

Earlier this year, at least 13 states – including Tennessee – had legislative measures filed that would bar judges from considering Sharia law in legal decisions, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.
Advocates for such measures warn against any application of Islam’s religious tenets in the U.S. legal system. Opponents say such laws are not needed and that the proposals simply reflect an out-of-control “Islamaphobia” aimed at restricting the presence and religious beliefs of Muslims.

Panel members for the discussion will include:
  • Bill Warner, founder and director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI).
  • Hedy Weinberg, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Tennessee.
Gene Policinski, senior vice president/executive director of the First Amendment Center, will moderate the discussion. Other panel members may be added.

There is no charge for admission, but there is limited seating. To reserve a seat, call 615-727-1333, no later than noon, Monday, Aug. 22. Limited parking is available across from the Seigenthaler Center, on the first floor only of the parking garage.

The forum is being held in cooperation with the School of Journalism at Middle Tennessee State University, which is hosting a conference for journalists on “Covering Islam in the Bible Belt” at the First Amendment Center. The three-day conference, which features veteran reporters and experts in Islamic history and culture, is intended to provide journalists with resources to help them report on issues involving Muslim communities. The McCormick Foundation is funding the conference, one of six Specialized Reporting Institutes in 2011.
The First Amendment Center, with offices at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn., and Washington, D.C., is an operating program of the Freedom Forum and is associated with the Newseum and the Diversity Institute. Its affiliation with Vanderbilt University is through the Vanderbilt Institute for Public Policy Studies. Its offices on the Vanderbilt campus are in the John Seigenthaler Center.

The center’s programs provide education and information to the public and groups including First Amendment scholars and experts, educators, government policy makers, legal experts and students. The center is nonpartisan and does not lobby or litigate.
I have made my reservations. Regarding the efforts to ban Sharia law, I am one of those who tend to think "such laws are not needed and that the proposals simply reflect an out-of-control “Islamaphobia” aimed at restricting the presence and religious beliefs of Muslims."  I am not unaware of what is going on in Europe and I am not unaware of the nature of Islamic theocratic states. You do not have to send me any stories of women being stoned to death for adultery or other such horrors that occur in the Middle East. I am not uninformed. I have attended meetings of ACT and I have watched the video's and visited the web sites of the anti-Muslim organizations. 

I think Islamization cannot happen here because, unlike Europe, we have a strong constitution and because Muslims are a very tiny minority. I think we have an almost zero chance of falling under Sharia law.  I believe most Muslim Americans are assimilated or will assimilate and they will moderate unless we isolate them. Constantly feeling under attack however, may radicalize Muslims. Those investing their time in this battle, I think, are quite frankly wasting their time. I think those wanting to ban the construction of mosque are not defenders of the constitution. One cannot claim to love the Constitution and work to deny First Amendment rights to Muslims. Rod Williams

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Update: Council Passes Resolution To Recognize Pro Gay Student Protestors

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A controversial council resolution to honor students who worked against the so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill ended differently than the last time it came up for a vote.
On Tuesday night, sponsor Jamie Hollin found a different way to put the resolution up for another vote.  He proposed "non-binding memorializing resolution" that would put the council on record as supporting the actions of those students. It passed with overwhelming support.(link)

I was disappointed to see this resolution pass. From now on, when pro-life students protest in front of an abortion clinic, when students demonstrate to protect 2nd Amendment rights, when they participate in a tea party demonstration or engage in any laudatory political activity they should be honored with a resolution. Why stop at students? When senior citizens protest Obamacare or moms protest unionist efforts to sabotage school reform, they should be honored also. When Vandy students protest the Federal Reserve, they should be honored. Councilmen should load the agenda with resolutions honoring ever patriot and kook who holds a protest sign.

Here is how members of the Council voted: 
Voting for the Resolution: Garrett, Barry, Tygard, Steine, Maynard, Matthews, Harrison, Hollin, Jameson, Cole, Jernigan, Stanley, Page, Moore, LaLonde, Langster, Evans, Holleman, McGuire, Adkins, Wilhoite, Todd, Mitchell (23)
Voting no:  Craddock, Forkum, Ryman, Gotto, Burch, Foster, Dominy, Hodge, Toler, Duvall (10); Abstaining: Bennett, Claiborne, Crafton (3).

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Reception for Dave Patterson, Josh Stites and Robert Duvall

I Cordially invites you to a reception for

Dave Patterson (District 4 Candidate)
Josh Stites (District 13 Candidate)
Robert Duvall (District 33 Candidate)

along with co-hosts
Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey
Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell
State Senator Jack Johnson
State Senator Jim Tracy
State Representative Jim Gotto
Councilwoman Karen Bennett
Councilwoman Davette Blalock
Councilman Michael Craddock - Councilman Eric Crafton Councilman Duane Dominy
Councilman-elect Steve Glover
Councilman Jim Hodge - Councilman Tony Tenpenny Councilman Charlie Tygard
John Ambrose - Tanya and Jerry Barlar - Lee Beaman
Beth and Bill Campbell - Pat Carl 
Sandra and Neil Chaffin - Joe Conard
 Dr. Steve Dickerson - Ben Doubleday
Chuck Grimes - Connie Hunter - Tootie Haskins
Nathan James - Ken Marrero
Tami and Andy Miller - William Morgan - Paul Ney 
Lora and Forrest Russell - Chuck Self
John Shorter - Kathleen Starnes and Larry Maxwell 
Mary and Jack Stites - Dr. Mindy and Jeff Thompson
Gail and Peter Voysey - Louella and Rod Williams 
Charles Williamson - Mark Winslow
The Standard House Reception Hall
167 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard - Nashville, TN 37203

 Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
  Promptly at 7:00 pm

Please contact aBetterCouncil@gmail.comwith your RSVP.
Suggested contribution of $150 per person, $300 per couple.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Greetings from Martha's Vineyard

You can send these cards to your friends. To learn more click here.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

See this Amazing Picture

Here is a picture of thousands of people and you can keep clicking on the photo and get a clear image of the face of every single person captured in the picture. This is amazing! We may reach a point when it will no longer be possible to get lost in a crowd.

To see the photo, click here

With street security cameras everywhere and features like Google Map Street View where you can view and navigate within street-level imagery and so many public records on line and the ability to do a background check on a person for just a few dollars and cell phones that can reveal your location without you wanting it revealed and DNA that can reveal what illnesses you will probably get and cars with black boxes that tell how fast you were driving when you had an accident and your Kroger's card tracking your purchases and everyone sharing their life on facebook, anonymity and an expectation of privacy may be a thing of the past.

The same technology that can make life easier and make it much easier to catch the bad guys and protect us from terrorist can be used to exercise control and keep taps on dissidents and non-conformist. Technology may make it possible for Big Brother to be a reality. Things that just a few years ago were fiction are now a reality. A dictatorial government could control people the way the old Soviet Russia and Mao's China never could. I don't know what we can do about it, but it concerns me. While technology is a wonderful thing, it is more important than ever that limits be placed on government and safeguard be in place to protect us from government abuse. I hope a lot of smart people who value liberty are thinking about these things.

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Fix the Deficit: Cut Spending 1% a Year

From Tea

There’s a lot of talk circling Washington about how to balance the budget, and most of these plans are long on rhetoric and short on substance. There is one plan, however, that not only provides achievable short-term benchmarks but also a long-term solution to achieve and maintain a balanced budget.

Rep. Connie Mack (R-FL) has introduced the “One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2011,” which will reduce the size of the federal budget by 1% a year for six years. This will balance the budget by 2019 and will install a budget cap of 18% of GDP in 2018. It's about time for Congress to dig its way out of debt!

This plan has been co-sponsored by over 50 members of the House of Representatives, and it provides a realistic blueprint to put America back in the black.

As H.R. 1848 makes its way through the legislative process, we need to turn up the heat on Conservatives in Congress to pass it. Immediate spending cuts, combined with a framework to a six-year plan to balance the budget, will provide certainty to the markets. This is a vital first step on the path to economic recovery, and it’s up to you to pressure your Congressmembers to make it happen!
Click here to sign a petition and email a letter to your Senators and Congressman! 

My comment

When  you click where indicated above you will be directed to the website of Tea and you will be invited to make a donation. I think Tea is one of the better national tea party organizations and I give them a little money. If you do not want to donate, there is no obligation. Once on that page, click again where indicated and you will be on the petition page. By people participating in petition drives like this, is one way these national organizations get large mailing list. I see nothing wrong with someone with whom I politically agree having my address. 

Please follow the link and sign the petition. Also, this site makes it real easy to write your two senators and your congressman a letter which will be emailed to them.  You can send the short form letter as written or edit it or write your own. Already 57,890 letters and emails have been sent to Congress advocating the 1% reduction act. When you put in your address and zip code, the system immediately pulls up the names of your Senators and Congressman. This is a very easy and quick way to let your opinion be known. Please do it now!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

West Nashville Breakfast Group to Host Matt Throckmorton

DCRP-Davidson County Republican Party  Breakfast Summit, Saturday, August 20, 2011
Meeting at 
365 White Bridge Pike, Nashville
Saturday, August 20, 2011
Fellowship, Dutch Treat Breakfast 8:30 AM, meeting 9:00 AM

-Special Guest-

Matt Throckmorton
Matt Throckmorton
Chairman of TN Charter School Association
Come hear the changes that are taking place for the Charter School System throughout the State.

Moderator - Matt Nemeth

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kent Sandidge backs Josh Stites in District 13 Metro Council Election

Runoff election begins soon with early voting

NASHVILLE – Former Metro Council candidate, Kent Sandidge of District 13 has endorsed Josh Stites in the District 13 runoff election that culminates on September 15th, 2011. Josh recently finished first in the primary election with 43.9% of the vote.

Sandidge recently placed third in the primary election for outgoing Councilman Carl Burch’s seat on the Metro Council. Burch was term-limited from running for a third term. Sandidge garnered 16.7% of the vote in District 13, placing him behind Marilyn Robinson’s 39.4% of the vote.

"Now that I am no longer in the race for District 13 councilman,” Sandidge said, “I am happy to support Josh Stites in the run-off election. His experience running his family's small business and working in the state treasury sets an important foundation for leadership regarding financial issues concerning Metro.

“Likewise, in my experience, Josh has shown himself to be a man of integrity and character and someone who can be trusted to act in the best interest of our district."

“I am deeply grateful for Kent’s support at this time,” said Stites. “His work ethic and dedication to the 13th District have not gone unnoticed. I look forward to working with him and many more of his supporters as we strive to continually improve the city of Nashville.”

About Josh Stites
Josh Stites is a resident of council district 13 where he lives with his wife, Jenny. He holds a B.B.A and an MBA in finance from Abilene Christian and Baylor Universities. Josh is active in his church community and with organizations such as the Nashville Homeless Ministry. You can learn more about Josh and his vision for Nashville by visiting his website at

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Monday, August 15, 2011


NASHVILLE, TN – On Saturday, the State Executive Committee of the Tennessee Republican Party unanimously passed a resolution supporting the constitutional Electoral College process of electing the President of the United States.

“Electing the President of the United States through the Electoral College was the method deemed best by our founding fathers. It ensures that all states, regardless of size, are included in the presidential election process, and it helps to preserve the balance of power between the federal government and state governments,” said Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney.

The resolution reads, in part, “…the Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee does fully endorse retaining the constitutionally approved and time-tested Electoral College method of awarding electoral votes to candidates to win the office of President of the United States of America…”

“While some in the National Popular Vote movement have good intentions, this compact between states is a direct assault on our Constitution and any attempt by other states to improperly influence and usurp another’s rights is blatantly unconstitutional. Our nation is a Constitutional Republic and any attempt to change the electoral process should be done so by a Constitutional Amendment,” said Devaney.

This resolution comes in response to a controversial national movement to implement the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.” The compact would radically change the way we elect the President through a questionable legal maneuver, creating a compact between states that would mandate them to recognize the winner of the national popular vote. The compact needs enough states to equal 270 electoral votes, the number of electoral votes needed to win the Presidency. By changing the rules of Presidential elections via a compact, supporters theoretically could have support from as few as 12 states like California and New York, instead of the normal 38 states needed to amend the Constitution.

The SEC resolution, originally sponsored by State Executive Committee member Nathan James, was passed by a 61-0 vote. Five members were not present. All members voting in favor of the resolution have also been listed as co-sponsors. The move follows a recent resolution passed by the Republican National Committee at its quarterly meeting in Tampa this month. Devaney, along with National Committeeman John Ryder and National Committeewoman Peggy Lambert were original co-sponsors of the RNC resolution.

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The Iowa Eight did not Thrill me. Welcome to the Arena, Rick Perry.

I watched the debate in Iowa the other night and unfortunately none of the candidates really thrilled me. None of them, I thought, were electable except perhaps Romney and I just don't like Romney. It is primarily due to his passing a health care plan in Massachusetts which is almost identical to Obamacare. Also, Romney just appears a little too slick. And, he flip-flopped from pro-choice to pro-life at one time, not that I have never changed my mind on an issue, but I just think Romney is one who would change his position on a critical issue to get the nomination. I just don't think Romney is a real conservative. I would support him over Obama should he be the nominee but I could not get excited about Romney. I want to get excited about the person I am going to support.

I agree with what many pundits has said about Tim Pawlenty's poor performance. I was thinking Pawlenty might be the candidate I could support, but he performed poorly and then came in a distant third in the straw poll and has since withdrawn from the race.

I like Michele Bachman but she is just too doctrinaire and inflexible for my taste. She not only voted against the final compromise on the deal to raise the debt limit, she voted against the House cut, cap, and balance bill. With the government borrowing 41 cents out of ever dollar it spends, it is not going to be possible to cut that amount out of the budget all at once. Apparently, she would have let the government default rather than raise the debt limit, under any circumstances.  We need someone with a little more flexibility. Being principled is to be admired but we need someone who is also pragmatic and ready to govern. Nevertheless, if she were the nominee, I would support her, but I don't think she could be elected.

Ron Paul: I occasionally like what he has to say. I never doubt his sincerity and the certainty of his position.  However, his isolationist foreign policy really scares me. I do not want to let North Korea or Iran get the bomb.  We must stay engaged in the world. However, I think he is right when he says it is time to end the isolation of Cuba. He can not win the nomination. He can win straw polls. His supporters will attend CPAC and other events to vote in a straw poll. He has an enthusiastic following, but there is no way he can win the nomination and if he did, there is no way he could be elected president. He is not to be taken seriously as a candidate.

Newt Gingrich: I thought Newt performed well in the debate. He was probably the smartest man on the stage. For some reason however, it seems Newt's time has passed. Part of the reason Newt has fallen out of favor with me is that he has pandered to the Sharia law fear mongers and anti-Muslim zealots. Still, I would contribute money and work for Newt's election if he were the candidate but the thrill is gone.

Herman Cain: The first few times I saw Herman Cain, I got the start of a thrill. His pandering to the anti-Muslim zealots and saying Muslims should not have the right to build a mosque in Murfreesboro, turned me against Cain however. He later clarified his position and said he was wrong in his statements in Murfressboro. I am glad he reversed his position, but someone who is no more grounded in his believes and no more committed to the First Amendment than to take the position he took in the first place concerns me. Nevertheless, I could support him if he were the candidate. Before I could get behind his campaign, I would have to hear more.

Jon Huntsman did nothing for me. He is the lone liberal Republican.  Rick Santorum did not distinguish himself but I would give him another look. I wish Chris Christi was a candidate and part of the debate. I really like Christie but he is not running. I really don't think Sarah Palin will run. I am not sure what game she is playing but I don't think she is a candidate for president and she would not be my preferred candidate should she run. Quite frankly, I don't think Palin would do well in a debate. I like her values and her personality but I am not sure she can think on her feet and I think she would show herself unqualified to be president be President if she were to participate in the debate.

Since the debate in Iowa, I have been pleased to see Rick Perry throw his hat in the ring. He has that "something" that inspires and motivates. I do not know his position on all of the issues yet, and he may end up disappointing me, bus so far, I am impressed by Perry. I want to learn more.

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of and long time conservative fund raiser and activist had this to say about Rick Perry:
To win the Republican nomination this time, a candidate must do two things.
First, the candidate must convince GOP primary voters that he or she is a committed conservative.  They don't have to be the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan, but they do have to be convincing as the conservative standard bearer.

Second, that person has to convince Republican primary voters that he or she can defeat Barack Obama.

A few of the eight candidates on the stage in Ames, Iowa can pass one of those tests.  On the day he announced, Rick Perry made it clear he is the only candidate who passes both of them.
Viguerie, I think, is right. That is the test the candidate must pass. The third test for me is that the person must convince me that if elected he can govern. Viguerie may be right. Perry may be the candidate who can pass the test. I am starting to feel a thrill.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Muslims are Coming! Comedy Tour

Update: Despite several attempts, I never did get a reply to my RSVP request for tickets to the free show but showed up anyway and was able to attend. Yes, the venue did serve alcohol. Other than some of the comedy being about Muslim stereotyping and the experience of growing up Muslim in America, the comedy was not much different from any other contemporary stand-up comedy. The comics were vulgar, profane, and sacrilegious just like most other comics.  I had some good laughs and generally enjoyed the show, but to tell you the truth, I don’t really care that much for stand-up comedy. 

The room was full with people standing and sitting on the floor. We were lucky. Louella and I were standing against a wall and a hostess came and got us and set us at a table which had previously been reserved. We had some of the best seats in the house. 

I was surprised at the diversity of the crowd with people form several different Muslim countries in attendance.

"The Muslims are Coming!" stand up comedy show, featuring some of today's top Muslim-American comedians, is heading out on its first ever tour. And after winding their way through the South, the comics will be stopping in Nashville, TN on August 14 for a night of ridiculous, free laughs!
Sunday, August 14th, 2011 - 8:00pm - Mercy Lounge
RSVP by email to 

I am planning on going. I wonder if they will be serving adult beverages? I hope so. Stand up comics are much, much funnier after a couple drinks. If I can't have my adult beverage, I probably won't stay long. I would bet they will serve alcohol. I will do an update and let you know.

Muslims are supposed to be teetotalers, you know,  just like Baptist are supposed to be teetotalers, but how will Mercy's Lounge make any money if it is a dry event? Anyway, times are changing; just like Baptist, Muslims will speak to each other in the liquor store. Just like there are a lot of secular Baptist, there are a lot of secular Muslims. (You know why Baptist don't have sex standing up don't you? Somebody might think they are dancing.)

This is a free event. Who is footing the bill? That is the big question. That is what I want to know. Probably the Muslim Brotherhood. Is this part of the plot to get us to put our guard down so they can impose Sharia Law while we are laughing? Those damn Muslims are sneaky: First they get a good Muslim girl to pose as a busty, scantily-clad, curvaceous hot babe to win the Miss USA Pageant, and now comedy! There is no level to which those sneaky bastards will not stoop!

I have requested my free tickets and if I get them, I am going to go. I know those in The-Only-good-Muslim-is-a-Dead-Muslim movement are not going to go, but to those who are not part of that movement, come on out, if you can still get tickets. This might be fun. There may be more to Muslims than the stereotype. If Blacks and gays can be funny, why not Muslims?

These Muslim comics were recently interviewed by the Scene and they seem to be a fairly secular bunch of Muslims. You probably won't be beheaded if you go. Here is a couple excepts from The Scene:
Asked how religious he is, Obeidallah replies, "On a scale of what? Zero to jihadist?" He explains that he identifies as both a Muslim American and Christian American — his father was born in the 1930s in Palestine, and his mother is an Italian-American and practicing Catholic. The family celebrated both Christmas and Ramadan. "I didn't find that to be inconsistent," he says. "In Islam, Jesus is a prophet." Furthermore, Obeidallah says that he is like a typical secular person of any religion, as was his father.
Farsad, who is of Persian descent, also describes herself as secular. "We asked the comedians on the tour to rate themselves on a scale from 1 to Muslim," she says. "I'd definitely be at the '1' end. I grew up culturally Muslim, but I don't think about the religious strictures that often, or ever."
I know those in The-Only-good-Muslim-is-a-Dead-Muslim movement do not believe there is any such a thing as a secular Muslim, but I tend to think there are, just as there are secular Catholics, Jews and Baptist. A lot of people have an identity with there faith but don't take it all that seriously. Anyway, if you can still get a free ticket, Go! See if Muslims can be funny.

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