Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SATURDAY, December 3, 2011
8:00 AM  BREAKFAST (Dutch)
7114 HWY 70 SOUTH
(same shopping center as TJMaxx & CVS Pharmacy)
Special Guest
Albert Tieche
Albert Tieche

Administrator of Elections in Metro
Photo ID's and next year election cycle
 Thanks for your support during 2011 and looking forward to 2012!
Betty Hood

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What about Climategate Part II?

by Rod Williams
Several years ago, I was persuaded by the evidence that global warming is most likely a scientific fact and that human activity was most likely a contributing factor. My position was shaken however by the “climategate” scandal when emails of climate scientist were hacked and it appeared that the effect of global warming was greatly exaggerated, that contradictory evidence was ignored (“hide the decline”), and those scientist who dared offer a skeptical opinion were conspired against to be marginalized and ridiculed.

Despite climategate  however, I never became a global warming denier . That is, I never reached the conclusion that global warming was all a crock. (I hate the term "denier" when used to refer to global warming skeptics, and I almost used it. "Denier" is a loaded term, much like "Holocaust denier." Reasonable people can have different opinions on the reliability of the science of global warming or people can be misinformed. That does not make them evil.) I had greater doubts about the validity of  science after climategate. If I was to express as a percentage my degree of acceptance of the theory of global warming, at the height  of my  acceptance of  I was about 90% persuaded; after climategate I was about 55% persuaded.

Putting climategate in perspective along with the mass of scientific evidence supporting the theory, my acceptance of global warming theory gradually increased again. After a recent study financed by the Koch brothers and led by global science septic Richard Muller reaffirmed the theory (see here, here, and here), my acceptance level shot back up to close to 90%.

Now comes Climategate II. Five thousand more emails have been released and they again show a conspiracy to lie, manipulate data, and hide contradictory data. The below excerpt is from a recent Washington Times editorial. Look closely at the quoted email within this excerpt. (my highlighting)

The basic problem with climate research is that it is at best soft science, and this leaked correspondence demonstrate just how unsettled it is. “Observations do not show rising temperatures throughout the tropical troposphere unless you accept one single study and approach and discount a wealth of others,” one scientist wrote. “This is just downright dangerous. We need to communicate the uncertainty and be honest.” Nonsense, another concluded: “ The trick may be to decide on the main message and use that to guide what’s included and what is left out.” But what if the whole warming phenomenon is “mainly a multidecadal natural fluctuation?” one scientists muses. “They’ll kill us probably.”

This is apparently only a small portion of what is revealed by the leaks. Nevertheless, I am still persuaded the theory of global warming is correct. However, one can only conclude that the theory is not as air-tight as it is ofter presented. One must conclude that many scientist working on the theory were not persuaded by the evidence but manipulated the evidence to fit their preconceived conclusion. There was a conspiracy to present a united front and hide doubts and hide contradictory evidence.

The conclusion to draw from this is that scientist are not Gods. They are not without an agenda and skeptics should not be demonized. Reasonable people can reach different conclusions. 

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fraud rate of 76% in "Free" Phone Program for Poor

I am stealing the below story word for word from Taxing Tennessee.
Who would have expected it?
In most states, the companies that offer the phones are also responsible for overseeing the program, leading to charges that the government is letting the foxes guard the henhouse. Considering that these companies are paid as much as $10 per month for each person in the program, some critics say it’s actually to their benefit if customers sign up more than once.

The results of a Government Accountability Office fraud investigation reinforce that point of view. Only 5% of Lifeline providers have been audited so far, but 76% of those audits have already discovered fraud.Link
My Comment: When one can get public housing or Section 8, food stamps, TnCare, Families First, a tax "refund" by claiming earnings that did not really occur, and a free cell phone, then to stop being poor is too expensive. Is it any wonder that so many people stay in poverty? When you can get all of your needs met by being poor it is scary to try to stop being poor. The poor are slaves on the welfare plantation, bought and paid for by the Democratic Party.  Rod 

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New United Way Funded Training Available: The Basics of Communicating with the Media

by Rod Williams

There is a great workshop coming to Nashville, December 10th. This workshop could benefit anyone involved in influencing public opinion.   The Neighborhood Resource Center is excellent at teaching political activism. With leaders trained in the Saul Alinsky tradition, NRC knows what that are doing. Ignore the bias of the organizers and learn their skills.

One does have have to be left-wing community organizer to benefit from the skills that NRC can teach. Tea Party activist, potential political candidates, campaign managers, Party leaders, or anyone interested improving their ability to effectively communicate their message could benefit from this training. And, this workshop is free, funded by United Way charitable dollars.

Below is the annoucement as posted to the Nashville Neighborhoods Google Group:

Hi Nashville Neighborhoods List,

Please let people in your neighborhood groups know about this media
training!! We will have some reporters here to coach us on how to pitch
stories to the media and to prepare us for being interviewed. See below,
as well as the attachments. (Feel free to forward this to others!)


Mike Hodge
Neighborhoods Resource Center


Would you like the world to know about all the great things happening in your neighborhood?

Do you have an issue in your community that you want to expose so it can get resolved?

Television and print media are powerful tools that can help your neighborhood group get things done.

Learning how to use them effectively can also help you build your group’s membership and reputation.

Neighborhoods Resource Center warmly invites you to our FREE event:

Media Training for Neighborhood Leaders

Saturday, December 10th, 9 am to Noon
NRC Firehall, 1312 3rd Avenue North

Sessions include:

The Basics of Communicating with the Media

  • Developing your Message & Staying on Message in Interviews
  • Creating Press Releases & Press Packets
  • Developing Relationships with Reporters (Reporters should be
  • calling YOU!)

Reporter Round Table: Panel Discussion with Local Reporters

  • Learn straight from the experts about how local media outlets work
  • Find out how to get effective and accurate coverage

Are You Experienced? Pitch your Story to Reporters

  • Get one-on-one time with reporters in an interactive break out session
  • Practice sharing your story and get feedback on how to improve it

*RSVP Requested: Contact Carol at 782-8212 or*

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Monday, November 28, 2011

A Single Picture That Explains "Occupy Wall Street"....

This explains it all! ⤵

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Attention Tourist: Free "Occupy" Camping in Downtown Nashville. Important update

Attention Tourist
Free Camping in Downtown Nashville

Have you wanted to visit Music City but been short of cash. There is a lot of cheap or free stuff to do in Nashville.

The biggest expense of a Nashville vacation is lodging. 

The Priceline price of a night in the Courtyard by Marriot or the Downtown Hilton is $169 a night! With sales tax and the Hotel-motel tax totaling 17.25% plus $2.50 per room per night additional tax, the real cost of lodging is over $200 a night!

You could stay at a Motel 6 or other cheap motel about 30 miles from downtown, but by the time you add the taxes, you will still be spending $50 a night. And, who wants to be miles out of town?

Governor Bill Haslam
Now, for a limited time only 
Camp free in downtown Nashville

The Governor has stated that he will not evict campers from this  prime public downtown space . Consider this a personal invitation from the Governor to come camp out in Nashville. 

Free: yes absolutely free! No hotel-motel tax, no camping fee, no liability insurance required.
Beautiful site: The camp site is the War Memorial Plaza in the shadow of Nashville's beautiful State Capital building, adjacent to the War Memorial Building, across the street from the Tennessee Museum and the Performing arts center. Be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the bubbling Plaza fountains.

Great Location: This camping site has the same advantages of the downtown hotels. Three blocks from Nashville's famed "lower Broadway." Visit the honkytonks of Nashville and walk back to your lodging site. No driving. Avoid the risk of a DWI. Also close to art galleries, restaurants, museums and historical sites.

Free Entertainment: There is free entertainment nightly on the Plaza. Occupy Nashville will be providing musical entertainment. This being Nashville, even our Occupy has talented musicians. In the absents of other musicians, there is always drumming. Also, storytelling, poetry and chanting.

Mild Temperatures: It is not cold yet! Tonight the temperature will only drop to 59 degrees, tomorrow the low is only 62. Mild temperatures usually prevail until late December.

Free Food: The Occupy group is offering free food and coffee. You may want to take at least part of your meals complements of Occupy.

Important update: Free Electrical Hook-up! I don't know why the State is giving away free electricity to campers on the Plaza but they are as revealed in this article.

Don't put it off, 
we do not know how much longer before the public demands and end to this policy of free camping on the War Memorial Plaza.

Options:  If you prefer camping on grass instead of marble, you may try camping in the nearby beautiful Bicentennial Mall with it's beautiful monuments, fountains, flowers, grass and trees. This park has not been officially designated as a place for free camping like the Plaza, but the same logic should apply. Also, you can drive right up to the camping areas and have your car nearby for out-of-the-trunk camping or you could park a pop-up camper or RV. To insure you are left alone and that you get the same free camping rights as the Plaza campers, just put a sign on your tent, pop-up, or RV that reads, "we are part of the 99%."

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Approve Volunteer Cab. Let the Market Determine the Need for Taxi Service.

by Rod Williams

Here in Nashville, a group of 61 cab drivers wish to form their own cab company.The cab drivers are all Ethiopian, all of them legal immigrants, some of them already American citizens and others in the process of becoming citizens. They are currently driving cabs for other companies.

Here is the way the taxicab system works in Nashville: A cab driver owns his own cab, he pays for his own fuel, maintenance and insurance. However he does not own the permit to operate a cab and must pay a weekly fee, called a "lick," of  $150 to $200 to the company that owns the permit.

The Ethiopian cab drivers have applied to Metro Government for the right to form a new company called Volunteer Cab. So far, they have been denied and a vote has been deferred until December 20. Existing cab companies are auguring against the entry of this new company into the market saying the market is saturated and the applicants can not show a need for a more cabs. Others are arguing that it is often hard to get a cab in Nashville and that there is a need for more cab service.

It is an outrage that Metro Government is denying this new company the right to form.  The whole taxi regulation system that views its function as protected existing cab owners rather than protecting the public needs to be repealed. We need to have an unlimited number of taxicabs and let the market determine the cab fare and the number of cabs.

I am not opposed to all regulations of taxi cabs or limousines. Tourist need to be assured that if they get into a cap that it is driven by a licensed driver, that the cab is carrying insurance, the vehicle is road-worthy and they are not likely to ripped off. Regulation should be for the benefit of the consumer, not protectionism for the provider. If we need for the government to set the taxi fare, the rate should be the maximum not the minimum. We need to rethink regulation of transportation. Nashville does not have to follow the model of other cities, we could become a leader in free-market transportation.

Congratulation Councilwoman Karen Johnson
Karen Johnson
Congratulation go to Councilwoman Karen Johnson, who has argued before the Taxi Licensing Commission on behalf of the drivers wishing to form the new taxi company. She has argued in favor of free enterprise and against a limit on the number of taxicabs. She has told the licensing board that free enterprise is the American way and that they should not limit the number of cabs. She told them, "The more the better." Perhaps Karen Johnson will emerge as the champion of free enterprise in the Metro Council.

To read the Tennessean article on this issue, click here.

To read how Metro tries to drive out of business economy limousine service in order to protect expensive limousine service, click here.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Re: Occupy Nashville, Shut 'er Down!

by Rod Williams

Los Angels Mayor Villaraigosa has ordered the shutdown of Occupy LA effective 12:01 Monday morning, saying the city can no longer "maintain the public safety of long-term encampment."

It is about damn time cities started ending their occupation. Prohibiting people from camping in areas not designated for camping is not violating anyone's right of free speech. In Nashville, should tourist have the right to camp in Centennial Park or Riverfront Park? What if the Occupy Nashville decided to move from the Plaza to the actual grounds of the Capitol?  What if they decide to build more permanent structures for a long-term occupy or park campers on the grounds?  Is that protected speech?  To prohibit overnight camping is not violating anyone's first amendment rights no more than is prohibiting people from blocking streets.

Governor Haslam caved too easily after his first attempt to shut them down. I am beginning to lose confidence in Haslam's leadership abilities.  He is looking like a weakling. We the real 99%, not the loony left occupiers, need to reclaim our public spaces.

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I am Thankful for the 1%

I am Thankful for the 1%, and I wish I was one of them.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Outraged yet? More Millions in the Pipeline to the Predators!

by Rod Williams

Watch the above news clip from Channel 5 to see more on the story of how the Predators are shamelessly ripping off the city. 

Excerpts from the clip:

"I had a client and so I don't know what they knew or didn't know. I would be surprised if they didn't know," he said.

In fact, we discovered that the Predators got the extra tax money after language was inserted into two different tax bills pushed by the Bredesen administration.

First, in 2008, the law took state and local sales taxes from non-hockey games -- concerts for example -- and sent the money to the Nashville Sports Authority, supposedly to help cover the cost of the arena.

Then, in 2009, a second bill ordered that money be sent to the Conventions and Visitors Bureau to be spent at the direction of the Predators.

That same bill also imposed a privilege tax on all National Hockey League players -- again to be spent by the Predators.

And, for the team, it's been big money.
This is an absolute outrage! There is $9.4 million dollars, so far, in sales tax revenue that will go to the Predators rather than the general fund. This in all extra money to the Predators.  This is money they get as a result of the State legislation that was passed. This is in addition to any contractual subsidy. 
If the Mayor proposes a tax increase this year don't buy that crap that it is necessary to properly fund the schools and to properly fund public safety. It will be because of corruption, waste and mismanagement.  Deals like the giveaway to the Predators and the massive corruption and mismanagement of the convention center project will be the real reason for any need for a tax increase. 
Any council member who does not vote to right these wrongs should be defeated next election. The Council has until December 31st to renegotiate the Predators contract or it automatically renews. We should expect some action and outrage on the part of members of the Metro Council.  The public should demand the Predator sales tax deal be undone!

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Nashville Gives Away the Store for Hockey

The Predators Deal is an Outrage!
I am not a big sports fan. I have only been to one Predators hockey game and that was as a guest of someone else. However, I know many people really love hockey and I can see that it benefits the city. The bars and restaurants of downtown are packed on a Predators game day.  Hockey brings a vibrancy and excitement to downtown. However, at what price should we pay to keep hockey in Nashville?

The Tennessean recently ran a story revealing that Nashville is unique in that unlike other cities we subsidize the operating cost of the arena.  To learn more about this squirrely deal, follow the above link.   We not only pay the bonds on the facility but we give the Predators $7.8 Million a year to operate the center.

In principle, I would prefer that government not subsidize arenas, stadiums, or convention centers. I would prefer that the private sector build those facilities. I am enough of a pragmatist, however, to realize that we must compete in the world in which we live. If other cities are going to build conventions centers, and stadiums and arenas,  we must do so also.  In building these facilities however we should base our decisions on whether or not it is a wise investment and we should strive to get the best deal possible for the city. It appears to me that we have made some poor business decisions. We have been snookered. We have been screwed.

During the debate about building the new convention center, proponents argued that the new convention center would not cost the tax payers one cent, that the convention center would be paid for out of the hotel-motel tax revenues. Well guess what?  The annual $7.8 million dollar subsidy the city has been paying the Predators for operating the arena was paid out of the hotel-motel tax  but now that revenue goes to pay the debt for the new convention center. The subsidy to the Predators will now have to come out of the General Fund. That means we must raise taxes or cut $7.8 million out of city services such as police and schools and libraries and parks and public works.

One of the most amazing things to be revealed in the Tennessean piece is that the more events that are held at the arena, the more the city must subsidize the Predators and yet we provide incentives to encourage more events. What kind of deal is that?  

In addition, if all of this was not bad enough, all sales tax generated by non-hockey events at the arena goes to the predators, not the city as revealed in this Channel 5 report below:

This is really an outrage! It is especially appalling that the Garth Brooks flood relief concert sales tax revenue went to the predators rather than the city. Someone in the State Legislature had the language inserted into a tax bill giving this tax revenue to the Predators. The Dean administration claim to have had no roll in this but that had to be complicit or asleep at the wheel to allow that to happen.

The Hockey deal must be renegotiated. For starters, as soon as the Legislature reconvenes, the sweet-heart tax deal giving the Arena-generated sales tax to the Predators should be repealed. The Metro Council needs to pass a resolution urging that this be done.

Then, the rest of the deal needs to be renegotiated. Unless we can get a better deal, hockey may not be worth the price.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sharia Alert! Sharia Alert! Your Thanksgiving Turkey may be a Muslim

The creeping Sharia alarmist are all over the internet warming us that the turkey we eat at Thanksgiving may be Halal. You see, making our turkeys Halal is part of the Islamization of America plot. First of all they get you used to the idea of eating Halal turkeys and then the next thing you know your women will be wearing burqas. See the connection? I'm not sure I do; we have had kosher stuff in the grocery stores for years and I am not yet Jewish. Anyway, they want us to boycott Butterball. I don't really care if it is Halal, Kosher, or been kissed by the Pope, if it is good I will eat it.

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Draconian Sequestration Budget Cuts and the National Debt

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Are Homeowner's Associations a Communist Plot?

Periodically stories emerge about a Homeowners association not letting someone fly the American Flag and a lot of patriotic American get real upset. Recently The Blaze and Fox news ran a story about someone who was fined for violating a Homeowners Association rule on signs.  The sign in questions was a “Wake Up America” sign.  “Wake Up America” was a 9-12 project and 9-12 was originally an organization founded by conservative talk show host Glen Beck.  The Blaze commentor’s called the HOA communist. One commenter said, “HOAs are just another way the libs and progressives try to force people into uniform acceptance of things.”

I am all for flying the American Flag. I don’t mind political yard signs.  I like Christmas decorations. However, if you move into a community with deed restrictions or covenants that prohibit flags or yard sings, or Christmas decorations, or parking your company truck in the driveway, don’t complain about it. If you violate your HOA rules don’t play the patriot card and expect my support.  If you buy property that provides for the creation of a homeowners association and the homeowners association is empowered to set rules for what is permitted in the community, do not buy in that community.  It really is that simple.

Restrictions of this nature are not restrictions on your free speech rights.  The First Amendment does not mean you cannot voluntarily agree to give up your right to fly the flag or post yard signs. If you voluntarily agree to be governed by a Homeowners association you have no one to blame but yourself.  If you didn’t read your closing documents before you signed them; shame on you.

You have a lot less restrictions if you move to a community without an HOA but you will still be governed by some restrictions.  If you think you want to put aluminum siding on your home or paint it any color you want or change the period features of the house with modern upgrades, you want to avoid a neighborhood with a historical overlay or conservation overlay.

If you move to a neighborhood without an overlay you will still have zoning and codes restrictions.  If you want to open a lawnmower repair shop in the basement of your home you probably cannot do that in most residential zoned neighborhoods.  If you want to install a flashing LED “Wake Up America” sign in your front yard, you probably can’t do that. You may want to become acquainted with the codes, zoning and sign ordinances of your community if you think you will want to do anything drastically different from what your neighbors are doing.

If you want to have cars up on cement blocks in your front yard and a mobile home next to the main house and fly a flag as big as a football field and paint the barn "Wake up America," you can move to an unincorporated area way out in the country and probably no one will bother you.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stephen Colbert Occupies Occupy Wall Street

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Colbert Super PAC - Stephen Colbert Occupies Occupy Wall Street Pt. 1
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogVideo Archive

I assume this is a comedy routine and these are not "real" people but I don't know. Anyway, it is insightful and very, very funny.

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'The Daily Show' Takes On Occupy Wall Street's Own Class Warfare

I seldom watch the Daily Show or the Colbert Report. Unfortunately, a lot of young people who think they are informed get a lot of their "news" from these two programs, along with SNL. This shows are so significant in shaping public opinion that they cannot be ignored. All of them definitely have a liberal slant, however occasionally the left is so ridiculous that even liberal comics cannot help poke fun. This is funny and insightful. (Unfortunately, you have to watch a short capitalist advertisement before you get to the good stuff.)

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Teach-in Reveals How the Left Thinks

As reported in this article about a "teach-in" at Florida International University, the speaker had ten chairs brought to the front of the stage and a person set in each chair, he then moved nine of the students to share three of the chairs to illustrate how wealth is distributed in the US.

This teach-in illustrates how the left thinks. They think there is only ten chairs. They think that if someone else has more, you have less. They are obsessed about distribution of wealth. The left thinks the economic pie is fixed and the slices should be of equal proportions. They see the economy as a zero-sum game. In America and in much of the world, we have always baked a bigger pie or added more chairs. If I can get enough, I don't care that someone else has more.  As long as we can add more chairs, I am OK if someone else has more than one chair. That is not my chair they have.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Less Climate Alarmism may Lead to Rational Discourse

While the science of global warming has recently been reaffirmed in a study lead by a former skeptic and while global warming seems more of a certainty than ever before, something else is also going on. The sensational and alarmist forecast of the ill effects of global warming are being scaled back.

One study, soon to appear in Science, concludes that the climate sensitivity (that is, how much the earth temperature will rise as a result of doubling of carbon Dioxide) is projected to be about half of what was previously reported by the IPCC.

Another report from the IPCC says that there is "low confidence" that tropical cyclones have become more frequent and that there is "limited-to-medium evidence available" to assess whether climatic factors have changed the frequency of floods, and "low confidence" on a global scale even on whether the frequency has risen or fallen. This new report also says it is only "likely" that anthropogenic influences are behind the changes in cold days and warm days. (link)

This is a positive development. It seems like the professional skeptics and the histrionic alarmist are both loosing ground and maybe there can be a rational discussion about how to deal with this issue.

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Adam Nickas, Executive Director Tennessee Republican Party at WEST NASHVILLE EGGS AND BACON SUMMIT

DCRP-Davidson County Republican Party
Breakfast Summit, Saturday, November 19,
Meeting at 
365 White Bridge Pike, Nashville
Saturday, November 19, 2011
Fellowship, Dutch Treat Breakfast 8:30 AM, meeting 9:00 AM

Special Guest 
Adam Nickas 
Adam Nickas
 Executive Director
Tennessee Republican Party
Hear the update on redistricting and more

 Moderator - Matt Nemeth
Regional Vice Chairman - Lonnie Spivak

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deforestation could contribute to Global Cooling.

I know a lot of the readers of this blog are still skeptical of global warming claims. I am not, or at least not very skeptical. I accept the scientific consensus and have explained why here and here.  Having accepted the prevailing consensus on global warming, I am intrigued by the dogma and cult-like acceptance of the supposed solutions of many of the global warming activist. While they accept that global warming is happening, they have a faith-like, almost mystical, set of proposals for dealing with it. They accept global warming but they are in denial of human nature and economics. They are in denial of the enormity of the problem. They are into simple answers and symbolism.

We need to get past the argument of whether or not GW is occurring and start serious discussion of how to deal with it. We need conservative think tanks proposing solutions to the problem. The current discussion of possible solutions is like people on the Titanic arguing over which sponges are best for sopping up water and urging each other to not leave the tap water dripping in their cabin.  Just hugging a tree and loving mother nature is not going to stop the GW process. It will take science and economics and rationality.

One of the causes of global warming is deforestation. Everyone knows that, right? According to new research from a team of scientists representing 20 institutions from around the world,  "The impact of deforestation on global warming varies with latitude." At higher altitudes, deforestation could contribute to global cooling. The  tree huggers will not like that.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Highlights of the Nov.15, 20ll Council meeting

Former Metro Councilman Mike Jameson was elected General Session Judge. In the first round of votes, of the eight candidates running, Jameson, Freeman and Jones received votes in that order with none getting 21 votes resulting in a runoff between Jameson and Freeman. Jameson won the runoff.

RESOLUTION NO. RS2011-59 sponsored by LANGSTER & MCGUIRE was deferred to November. Duane Dominy raised a question, asking if using  public funds for this purpose would endanger the tax exempt status of the church. The staff adviser confirmed it possibly could, but that would be a decision for a state agency to make.  This resolution approves a contract between the Metropolitan board of health and Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church to upgrade the church’s kitchen facilities and to promote community gardens in North Nashville. The funds for this contract are from the federal stimulus grant the health department received to promote healthy living. These funds will be used to provide nutrition education, as well as to purchase a dishwasher, install kitchen sinks, purchase a new refrigerator, and purchase kitchen utensils for the church.  The church is to receive $24,275 in federal stimulus pass-through funds under this contract. An amendment was approved to revise the language of the bill to remove any reference to the ministry activities of the church and to specify that the programs are open to everyone regardless of religious affiliation. Despite this amendment, this still appears to be the use of public funds to benefit a religious institution and in my view should be rejected.

BILL NO. BL2011-3 sponsored by Councilman Tygard would allow recreational athletic fields and associated structures to be constructed within the floodway under certain conditions. Councilwomen Evans argued that fences and dugouts could obstruct water flow and be detrimental to flood control. Councilman Dominy argued that ball fields could be build that would not obstruct water flow. The bill passed on a voice vote.

BILL NO. BL2011-4 sponsored by Councilman Stanley which would require quarterly stormwater reports to be submitted to the Metropolitan Council was deferred one meeting for more study.  Councilman Stanley did not oppose the deferral but argued in favor of the need for the bill. I found his arguments persuasive. This bill needs to pass.

ORDINANCE NO. BL2011-31 sponsored by TYGARD and others amended the “meal ban” provisions in the Metro ethics code to allow elected officials, employees, and members of boards and commissions to accept free food or drink up to a value of $25 from a single source in any calendar year. This bill restores some sanity to an overreaching reform that went as far as prohibiting Councilmembers from accepting a cup of coffee at a neighborhood meeting. It passed by voice vote.

ORDINANCE NO. BL2011-39 privatized the metro tow-in lot eliminating several metro positions and saving millions of dollars. This was discussed at length at the Budget and Finance Committee and passed the Council without discussion.  This seems like a very wise move to me. Privatization almost always saves the city money. 

ORDINANCE NO. BL2011-39 increased from $2 to $3 a per seat ticket tax at Titans stadium.  The reason for this is to have the revenue to fund a bond issue to be presented next council meeting that would in essence have Metro co-sign a loan for improvements to the Titans stadium. It looks like a bad deal to me.  One of the objections was that the bonds were 25 years and the useful life for the improvements was much less than 25 years. Another objection is that the deal between the city and the Titans, has Metro taking the risk and the Titans taking the profits. The bill passed by machine vote 36-1. However there was a lot of discussion and many are not pleased with the relationship between the city and the Titans but feel the Titans have the city over a barrel. 
Controversial BILL NO. BL2011-25 sponsored by Councilman Matthews that would rezone a small portion of the lot in order to allow Temple Baptist Church to construct an LED sign was deferred one meeting.

The backyard chicken bill was not on the agenda but will be up for public hearing in December.

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Herman, you know "Libya," that country in Africa? Gaddafi?

Oh no. This is painful to watch. Between Rick Perry and Herman Cain, this makes Perry look like the smart one. Perry's brain freeze is easier to excuse than Cain's stalling and stumbling and trying to remember his position on Libya.  I wanted to help him and say, "you know, Libya, that country in Africa."  What would he have said if they would have followed up with a question about the War Powers Act?

After watching the Gingrich-Cain Debate a couple weeks ago I said my dream ticket would be Gingrich-Cain. I have liked Cain. I have liked his straightforwardness and common sense approach to issues. I like his private sector success.  I like his charisma and personality.

I did have my reservations however when some time back, while visiting Murfressboro, he said the First Amendment did not apply to Muslims and said local governments should get to decide which religions get to build houses of worship. Later he did backtrack.  I excused and overlooked that. He had a lot of other things going for him.

Rightly or wrongly, however, I think Cain is damaged. I do not think he can overcome the damage done by the sexual harassment allegations.

I do not think he helped himself by defending water-boarding the other night. And, with performances like this, I am not sure he is ready for prime time. I am beginning to believe Cain would be a drag on the ticket.  I am cooling to Herman Cain.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Attention Nashville Homeless! Help Occupy Nashville!

Attention Nashville Homeless!

Join the party!

Free Stuff!

Help Occupy Nashville!

Legislative Plaza- 24 hours a day!

Free Food! Free blankets! Free winter clothing.
(Also, some have found unattended lap top computers and cell phones on the mall and that they have been able to claim and sell. Some protestors have abandoned their tents and belongings and they are now free for the taking. )

Companionship and all night conversation!

Join generous people who advocate sharing the wealth, who do not like authority or conformity. Like you, they feel "the man" has screwed them. They hate the rich; they love the poor. 

They will share their donated food and blankets and money with you and they most likely will invite you to share their tents and other belongings. They advocate sharing the wealth and believe in economic justice.

Don't worry about the police arresting you for loitering or sleeping in the park or urinating in public. The laws are no longer in effect. 

Enjoy all night guitar playing and conversation and camaraderie. Bring your booze and drugs. They won’t mind. These are very non-judgmental, tolerant, and loving folks who share your values.

Most of them or what you might think of as rich privileged kids but they are doing their protest for everyone except the very, very, very rich.  

Their movement is for everyone except the top 1%.  
That means you!  

Many of them don't really know any real poor people and they will be excited to hear you stories. Also, some of these folks have never spent the night out before when it is cold and rainy. You can help them by showing them how to do it. They will appreciate the help. You will be welcomed with open arms! They would find it hypocritical to turn away the homeless.
They are waiting for you to Join the movement!

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ramsey: Occupy Nashville 'Ought to be Removed'

“I think they ought to be removed,” Ramsey said. “I do.

“I’ll bet you that if I took a Boy Scout troop up there and camped out over the weekend, they wouldn’t allow them to do it. That’s just my opinion. I think they’ve gone way too far.”

I agree! If the Boy Scouts or the homeless had started camping out and cooking on the Legislative Plaza and it was not associated with this political protest, would they have been allowed to do so? Of course not. There are even public spaces that have "keep off the grass" signs. The state should push back against the judge who ordered a temporary restraining order; not, throw in the towel. If I was simply an out-of-town tourist and wanted to camp on the capitol grounds to save cost of a hotel room, would that be permitted? I don't think so. This circus of leftist, malcontents, deviants, freaks, homeless, and camaraderie-seeking, spoiled, upper middle class "youth" should be sent home or jailed.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Former Councilman Jameson wins Nashville Bar endorsement for Judgeship

From The City Paper

In the race to fill an open Davidson County General Sessions judgeship, 60 percent of Nashville Bar Association members polled recommended former Metro Councilman Mike Jameson, dwarfing the favorable numbers of nine other candidates. (link)

View complete Nashville Bar results here.

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Congress passed two Veterans Preferance Bills. Don't call them "Jobs Bills."

Yesterday the Senate passed two bills designed to encourage businesses to hire veterans. The bills had broad-based bi-partisan support. The bills are the Returning Heroes and Wounded Warrior Tax Credits, that will give businesses up to $9,600 for hiring veterans who are out of work or who have service-related disabilities.

I support these bills. However, it is incorrect to call these bills "jobs bills," they are "veteran preference bills." These bills will not put a single additional person back to work. The bills will cause an employer to give a preference to veterans over non-veterans. I don't have a problem with that; I support it. Veterans who served their country deserve preference.  However, anytime you give preference to one group, whether it is in college admissions or hiring of firemen, anyone who is not in the preferred group is in the group discriminated against.  Rather than jobs bills, it would be more accurate to call these two bills, "veteran preference bills" or "discrimination against non-veterans bills."

A veterans preference bill can result in an employer hiring veterans at the expense of non-veterans. Tax credits for hiring just anyone would do little to increase employment.  A tax credit would do little to cause an employer to hire an employee he does not need.  A tax credit would serve to lower the cost of hiring employees, but unless an employer needs new employees lowering the cost of labor will not appreciably result in new hires. 

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

What??? This isn't Occupy. This is a riot for a Pedophile.

I don't get it. Hundreds of Penn State students took to the streets after the ouster of football coach Joe Paterno and rioted.

I didn't understand the Occupy riots but understood they had a left wing political motivation. The Occupy riots are riots to destroy capitalism. The Occupy rioter think they are rioting for a noble cause.

But this? This is a riot to protest the firing of a coach who protected a pedophile. Do they think that this is a noble cause? Are the protesters saying that‘s it’s fine with them that children are being raped by a pedophile? Are these students saying that winning football games is more important than protecting boys as young as ten years old from being sodomized and victimized.

It is sort of like the people who still love the pervert Michale Jackson after learning of his perversion.

I did not understand the Catholic Church rallying behind and protecting pedophile priest. But, Catholics did not take to the streets tuning over vehicles to protest the exposure of pedophile priest.

What the hell is the matter with these people? Are these students rioting in defense of pedophilia or is rioting just fun and they will riot for any cause? This is totally disgusting.  Has our nation sank this low?  Can someone explain this?

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Newt wins Again; Perry forgets.

In my view, Newt Gingrich by far out shown every other candidate on the stage last night. Newt has well thought out answers and a great depth of knowledge. You know he is not making it up as he goes along and he is not relying on memorized talking points. He knows what he is talking about and he is philosophically grounded.  Romney performed well but he can not convince me he has any core convictions.

Poor ole Rick Perry blew it. If you are going to be adamant that there are three agencies you would abolish, don't forget which ones they are.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Debra Maggart for State Representative fundraiser

Please SAVE THE DATE to Join
Tennessee Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey
Speaker of the House Beth Harwell
And other Special Guests
In Support of State Representative and House GOP Caucus
Chairman Debra Maggart
For a White Bean Supper and Presidential Straw Poll
Veteran’s Day Friday, November 11
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
With Special Musical Guests to be Announced
Historic Rock Castle
139 Rock Castle Lane Hendersonville, TN 37075
Event Chair $1000 per couple
Sponsor $500 per couple
Attendee $100 per couple
Make checks payable to:
Debra Maggart for State Representative
P.O. Box 331983
Nashville, TN 37203
Please RSVP to Rachel Barrett
615-564-2642 or
Casual Dress
Rain or Shine in heated Pavilion
Paid for by Debra Maggart for State Representative, Debra Maggart Treasurer

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Banks Drop Debit Fee because the Market Works, not due to Occupy.

When the Durbin Amendment to the Dodd-Frank bill passed limiting the amount of money banks collect from merchants each time a customer uses their debit card, it was inevitable that banks would try to figure out a way to make up the lost revenue. The result was the $5 a month debit card fee. Although as a result of Dodd-Frank, I was expecting higher bank fees, like everyone else I was unhappy when I received notice from my bank that they would be charging a monthly debit card fee.

I am so entangled with Union Planters and value the personal relationship with my banker that I was not going to switch banks. However, I did express my displeasure to my banker and I was going to maneuver around the fee. On one of my accounts I almost never use the card anyway. I use a credit card that gives me points toward cash-back, and then monthly I automatically pay the card in full. There is an annual fee for having this card, but I still come out ahead. To avoid the fee on my and Louella’s joint account I was planning to get a second card and do the same thing on that account. In the meantime, on this second account, we were using checks and cash.

A dear friend of ours who we know very well was very upset about this new fee and she closed her Union Planters account and opened an account with the Old Hickory Credit Union. Many people I encountered were upset about this new fee. Despite it being the result of government action that caused banks to impose this fee, the banks would have been wiser to just eat part of the loss and make up part of the lost revenue in a less transparent manner such as reducing the interest rate on cash balances in checking accounts, raising fees for overdrafts and increasing interest rates.

The Occupy movement and their friends in the mainstream media have been spinning this story of consumer discontent with this new bank fees and the banks dropping the fees as if it is the result of political pressure and a victory for Occupy. It is not. My friend who switched banks did not do so out of any left-wing affiliation or political motivation. I was not going to take actions to avoid this fee because I was motivated by Occupy or any other political movement. The result would have been the same without the Occupy movement. Consumers have power. The banks dropping this new bank fee is much like Coke backing off of New Coke and Ford dropping the Edsel. The market works.

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Lynda Jones lobbies the District Google Group for Judgeship Support

Candidate for General Session Judge Lynda Jones is lobbing the members of the 17th District Google Group asking them to urge their council member to support her candidacy.  The following was received today on the District 17 Google Group.

Dear neighbors and friends,
   I am reaching out to you because I have followed your list serve for
years. I love the historic character of District 17 and have numerous
friends on this list serve.
I am Lynda Jones and I am being considered for appointment by the Metro
council to replace Judge Ruben who passed away last month.
You can learn about my professional credentials at, or my website at
I chaired the General Sessions court committee for the Nashville Bar
Association where I rewrote the local rules of practice.
Please contact Sandra Moore if you would like to see someone on the bench
who knows your community.
Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.
Warm Regards,

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cain, Gingrich Debate Lincoln-Douglas Style

If you were watching football and missed the Gingrich-Cain debate, you missed a great debate. Well, let us say a great discussion; there was not a lot of disagreement between the candidates. Still, it was a great event and revealed a lot about the candidates.

My view of the debate is that Gingrich won.  He is far more qualified to be President than Cain. Not, that Cain is not as qualified as was Obama when he took office or maybe any number of other Presidents. Should Cain end up being the Republican nominee and then win the Presidency, I am confident that his values and instincts are right and he could surround himself with brilliant people to carry out the right policies. Gingrich on the other hand is brilliant! He is an intellectual. He has thought issues through. He has the knowledge and ability to lead us through the treacherous days a head. 

This was an excellent format.  Letting the candidates have free range to ask each other questions and to respond and have back and forth is much more revealing about the qualifications of a candidate than ten people on a stage trying to avoid the pit-falls of a "gotcha" question. My only criticism of the debate was the sound quality. You can understand them, but the poor sound quality is a distraction. Gingrich had the advantage in that his hand-held microphone provided a clearer sound quality than whatever they were using for Cain

I have not been excited about any of our candidates.  I have yet to jump on any band wagon. I have not contributed to any of them.  My favorites were Bob Corker, Mitch Daniels and Chris Cristi but none of them ran. For a short while I liked Bachmann, then when Perry came on the scene, I liked Perry for about a week. I was then leaning toward Cain.  I am now prepared to say I am supporting Newt Gingrich. I am going to send a donation.

My dream ticket would be a Gingrich-Cain ticket.

The information below is from the C-span web site.  Follow the link below, then under "video play list," click "Cain, Gingrich Debate."

Cain, Gingrich Debate Lincoln-Douglas Style
Washington, DC
Saturday, November 5, 2011
GOP presidential candidates Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich engage in a 90 minute debate hosted by the Texas Patriots PAC. There is no moderator and the two candidates discuss and respond to each other’s positions on domestic policy in The Woodlands, TX.

 The debate is divided into three parts, with each part focusing on one entitlement program – Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

 In previous media-moderated debates, Gingrich said repeatedly that should he be the GOP nominee, he would challenge President Obama to Lincoln-Douglas style debates.

 Cain has risen in the polls recently with his 9-9-9 tax plan, but the media has focused this week on two previous settlements with women alleging he sexual harassed them while he lead the National Restaurant Association. The topic will not be discussed at the debate.

 The Lincoln-Douglas debates were a series of three-hour debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas during the 1858 Illinois Senate race. In the format, one candidate would start with a 60 minute statement, and his opponent would get 90 minutes to respond.  The first speaker then got a 30 minute rebuttal. The two candidates took turns speaking first.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hero of the Day: Phil Tagami, Oakland Developer who Defended his Property

Phil Tagami
In Oakland California where the Occupy movement went on a rioting rampage, spray painting buildings. smashing windows, sitting fires and looting, Oakland developer Phil Tagami did not sit idly by and let it happen to his property. He took a shotgun, which he usually keeps at home, to his downtown landmark office building and stood inside in view holding the gun. While the building did get minor spray painting, it was otherwise undamaged. For daring to stand up to a mob and defend his property, Phil Tagami is my hero of the day.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

The truth about our counter-protest (and what the Tennessean got wrong!)

From: Stephen Siao


By now, I'm sure most of you have heard of our counter-protest of Occupy Nashville last night. However, if you read the Tennessean today, you definitely did not get the true story (which is, I suppose, expected). It was definitely not a kum-ba-ya moment like the Tennessean spinned it as. In fact, several of our members were called racists by Occupiers with the Tennessean reporter standing right next to them (she proceeded to interviewing them but made no mention of them being called racists!)

Here is our video response to the Tennessean's misleading article:

I encourage you to check out WSMVNews Channel 5, WKRN, or TN Report's coverage of it, which were all accurate and fair (is that really too much to ask for nowadays??).

We went for two reasons. First, we wanted to show them that not all college students supported the movement, in fact many are actually against it. Their demands will do nothing but add to the burgeoning debt already on each of my generation's shoulders. Second, we believe their protest is fraudulent and misguided. They should be at the White House--not the State Capitol or Wall Street.

Though the some of the media (and bloggers) chew us up, at the end of the day, I am so proud of each of the 22 students who courageously took the stand against this movement. We thought when it started raining, surely we'd lose half the group--but no, everyone came!

Also, the media's take about how they graciously invited us to speak to them is misleading as well - they invited us, then pressured us, into speaking to their group. We declined their first few offers, and then two reporters came up with voice recorders asking why we were refusing to speak to them and whether we were just there to cause trouble. At that moment, maybe against better judgment, we decided we didn't want them to spin that, so we took the floor and gave them a piece of our mind!

All the best,

Stephen Siao
State Chairman, Tennessee College Republican Committee
President, Vanderbilt College Republicans

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