Sunday, March 25, 2012

David Barton to appear in Madison on Tuesday

David Barton will be in Madison on Tuesday, March March 27, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Salt and Light Institute, which is located at what used to be the the Madison Hospital, 612 Due West Ave.

He will be providing a briefing concerning judicial abuse, judicial activism, and the lack of oversight and accountability in our judicial systems. He will also address the remedies afforded in the US and State Constitutions as well as provide other solutions. 

This event is being sponsored by The Tennessee Judicial Reform initiative, the Faith & Freedom Coalition-Tennessee, the Black Robe Regiment, 9-12 Project Tennessee, and Gideon's Army. The cost is only $6.27 a person, including the ticket fee.

David Barton heads WallBuilders, a national pro-family organization that presents America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious, and constitutional heritage. David is the author of numerous best-selling books, addresses over 400 groups a year, and has appeared on The Mike Huckabee Show and Glen Beck, as well as ABC, The Daily Show, Fox News, and NPR. Time Magazine called him "a hero to millions – including some powerful politicians," named him as one of America’s 25 most influential evangelicals.

Barton collects early American documents, and his official biography describes him as "an expert in historical and constitutional issues." Much of his work is devoted to advancing the idea that the United States was founded as a Christian nation. In his book "The Myth of Separation", he states his belief that Christians were the ones who were intended to hold public office in America and that Jews and members of other sects were not.  Barton holds no formal credentials in history or law, and some scholars dispute the accuracy and integrity of his assertions about history.

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