Friday, March 30, 2012

Ken Jakes on the Fairground budget Request: Maybe we should look toward new management.

After watching the budget hearings for the State Fairgrounds and learning that the Fairgrounds was asking for a $245,000 subsidy, I asked Ken Jakes for his thoughts. This is the response from Ken:

Something just doesn't seem right.

How on earth could the Fairgrounds be paid for, take in all the events and revenues from those events, and now charge $ 5.00 for parking, and not be able to be self supporting ? Maybe instead of hiring a consulting company to tell the management how to run and operate the Fair Grounds, we should look toward acquiring New Management. Government is business and should be managed in a business format, other then one exception.

Business is in place to make money and Government is in place to serve the people. We need management in place that can make sound business decisions that will let our Fairgrounds be able to serve the people. It is my opinion that the Mayor, has never lost site of the Fairgrounds and would like for it to fail so it could go before the Council for redevelopment.
Ken Jakes is a citizen activist and frequent critic of Metro government. He is a former candidate for an at-large council seat and was a leader in the effort to save the State fairgrounds

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