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Conservative Champion—Backed by Lt. Gov and House Speaker—Will Continue Fighting for Tennessee, Focusing on Job Creation and Limiting Government
HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. – Known for her long-standing commitment to Sumner County and dedication to constitutional principles, Representative Debra Maggart (R—Hendersonville) announced today she has filed paperwork to seek another term to continue being a voice for government reform and advocate for the job creators of Tennessee. Upon learning of the news, Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey (R—Blountville) and Speaker of the House Beth Harwell (R—Nashville) immediately signaled their strong support of Maggart’s campaign.
“We have made a lot of progress in Tennessee when it comes to job growth, saving taxpayer money, and cutting wasteful spending. But we can do more,” said Maggart. “As the Chairman of the House Republican Caucus, I have helped our Majority enact an aggressive agenda to empower Tennessee’s job creators while limiting the harmful effects of government overreach. It’s a record of accomplishment I am proud of.”
Maggart is a familiar face in Hendersonville. As head of the Community Outreach Making Partnerships at Sumner Schools (COMPASS), Maggart helps partner community businesses with local schools to ensure a full educational experience for Sumner County students.
“I have used my professional experience to guide my vision as a public servant. I truly believe government needs to be a resource, not a hurdle, for the small businesses and entrepreneurs of Tennessee. That begins with education reform to ensure all of our children are equipped with the skills necessary to lead in the 21st century economy. And it also includes passing pro-family reforms like the elimination of the death tax, which we will start doing this year, that will keep Tennessee moving forward,” stated Maggart.
Lt. Gov. Ramsey highlighted Chairwoman Maggart’s commitment to conservative values in his endorsement. "Conservatives have no better friend in the Legislature than Chairman Maggart,” he said. “We have accomplished much together but there is still much left to do. Chairman Maggart has never stopped fighting for the things Tennesseans need: more jobs, less spending, and smaller government. I support her without reservation."
“Debra Maggart epitomizes the definition of principled conservative. With her leadership of the Republican Caucus, our Majority has achieved a number of reforms to cut taxes, balance our State’s budget, and reduce the size and scope of government. She is an asset to Tennessee and I’m proud to support her campaign,” said Speaker Harwell, who joined Ramsey in backing Maggart.
Since taking office, Maggart has helped pass vital legislation such as:
  •  A balanced budget in 2011 that cut over $1 billion dollars in spending without raising taxes;
  • A constitutional amendment placed on the ballot so Tennesseans can ensure they will never face a State income tax;
  • A law to streamline government operations by reducing the size of Legislature, removing duplicative committees, saving Tennesseans nearly $1 million in efficiencies;
  • A voter photo ID law to ensure the legitimate votes of all Tennesseans will count in State elections;
  • Tenure reform and collaborative conferencing laws that ensure teacher excellence and student achievement are the top goals for education in Tennessee;
  • Much-needed lawsuit reform so Tennessee businesses can quantify their risk;
  • Restoration of $70.4 million to the State’s rainy day fund for the first time in three years.
Maggart concluded, “A growing number of Tennesseans are looking for leaders who will make a real difference on their behalf. They see a dysfunctional Washington that wastes our taxpayer dollars and a government that only seems to get bigger. That is unacceptable. Tennesseans want State lawmakers who will fight back against this injustice. I believe my record proves I am a difference maker for Tennessee and I look forward to continuing my service for Sumner County.”
Debra Maggart is the conservative Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in Tennessee's 45th District who champions pro-growth policies for Tennessee. Learn more about her campaign at

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