Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Occupy degenerate remnant are turning on each other

As Occupy Nashville's last hours camping on the Plaza slip by, the degenerate remnant are turning on each other. Two leaders of the leaderless Occupy Nashville, Andrew Henry and Jason Steen, got into a fist fight one night last week, sending one to jail and one to the hospital.

Various factions within Occupy Nashville (ON) have emerged, each trying to take Occupy in a different direction. Prominent spokesmen have taken to denouncing each other and denying the other has authority to speak for the group.  Those who are still sleeping on the cold marble of War Memorial Plaza have taken to denouncing those who have abandoned the camp out.  Some occupiers are denouncing others as "provocateurs" for their more aggressive activism that has cast the occupiers in a bad light. 

One leader posted a picture of himself on a street light pole stealing some juice. Others denounce him for doing so. One leader denounced another leader as one who "often conducts himself much like an adolescent who got into his parent's liquor cabinet and now doesn't know what to do with his drunk self."  "His lack of self control while in the spotlight for ON does damage to ON's image to the public at a time when it needs all the support it can get."
Like the stranded British boys stuck on a deserted island in Lord of the Flies who try to govern themselves and it ends in disaster, Occupy Nashville could not govern itself and the movement participants ended up turning on each other.  They are now spending more time fighting each other than the "1%." For all practical purposes, Occupy Nashville is over. It is just a matter of cleaning up the mess.

To learn more about the demise of Occupy and see how the remnant are turning on each other read here, here, here and here.

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