Friday, April 27, 2012

Agenda 21 spotted again: Alert number 1

Wow! This Agenda 21 is being imposed all over the country! I am going to start posting an alert every time I see that someone has spotted a new case of Agenda 21 policies.

Here is the latest example of someone spotting an Agenda 21 measure:

See the danger? We can't be having no "dense, walkable mixed-use town centers."  That is communism, I tell you. First we have "dense, walkable mixed-use town centers" and next thing you know, it is off to the gulag. Letting declining empty shopping centers sit abandoned and be an eye sore is the American Way. These people trying to turn empty shopping centers into "dense, walkable mixed-use town centers" are just un-American. In fact walking may be un-American. As a good American, you should always drive; never walk. Enabling "the retrofitting of shopping malls and shopping centers into dense, walkable, mixed-use town centers" joins a long list of these other terrible examples of things that are part of Agenda 21. Here are other examples:

  • outcome based education
  • sustainable agriculture
  • Community assets inventory
  • Traffic Roundabouts
  • greenways and bikeways
  • conservation easements
  • General Land use Plans
  • Neighborhood groups
  • Smart growth
  • Smart Meters
  • Community oriented policing
  • opposition to suburban sprawl
  • opposition to road expansions
  • requirements that parking lots be paved
  • requirements that commercial enterprises have a minimum number of parking spaces for various uses.
  • the effort to regulate dietary supplements and organic foods
  • Walkable Communities
  • multi-use dewellings
  • Buffer zones
Aren't you glad the Republicans in the State Legislature and the Republican National Committee and our own local Republican and TEA party leaders are doing all they can to protect us from the insidious evil of Agenda 21?

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