Friday, April 27, 2012

Agenda 21 spotted again: Alert number 2

I spotted another Agenda 21 policy: the introduction of wolves. You see, the practice of reintroducing wolves is a plot to force ranchers and farmers off their land.  It is not just a bad idea or a plan that needs some tweaking it is part of the grand plot that is Agenda 21. Here is video that explains it:


I am adding "introduction of wolves" to the below list of other things that are part of the Agenda 21 conspiracy:

  • Actions that "enable the retrofitting of shopping malls and shopping centers into dense, walkable, mixed-use town centers.
  • outcome based education
  • sustainable agriculture
  • Community assets inventory
  • Traffic Roundabouts
  • greenways and bikeways
  • conservation easements
  • General Land use Plans
  • Neighborhood groups
  • Smart growth
  • Smart Meters
  • Community oriented policing
  • opposition to suburban sprawl
  • opposition to road expansions
  • requirements that parking lots be paved
  • requirements that commercial enterprises have a minimum number of parking spaces for various uses.
  • the effort to regulate dietary supplements and organic foods
  • Walkable Communities
  • multi-use dwellings
  • Buffer zones
 If it seems like Agenda 21 is everywhere, it is because it is. Anything someone does not like is probably part of Agenda 21.

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