Friday, April 13, 2012

Do not fund the Metro Human Relations Commission

Metropolitan Human Relations Commission


In 1970 Cloud assumed the post of executive director and remained in that position until 1990. In 1995 after a five-year hiatus in the life of the commission caused by a discontinuation of operating funds, the budget was reinstated under Mayor Philip Bredesen. Anthea Boarman became the new executive director. Throughout its existence, the staff of the Metropolitan Human Rights Commission has assumed leadership roles in both state and national human rights organizations. (link)
I knew that sometime during the time I served in the Metro Council that we had not funded the Human Relations Commission.  I worked hard to deny the agency funding. I could not recall for how long nor what year the agency was defunded. I left the Council in 1990. It must have been that 1990 was the year we defunded it and that the funding was not restored until 1995. 

I was unaware that we had no Commission form 1990-1995.  This is an agency that indoctrinates and organizes people for liberal causes. Not all of their causes are bad, however there are liberal advocacy groups to do the advocating for these causes. Taxpayers money should not be used to promote a liberal agenda.

Council: Please do not fund the Metro Human Relations Commission.

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