Thursday, April 5, 2012

Look who is running for School Board

Sharon Gentry ** 4109 Kings Ln, Nashville, 37218 School Dist 1
Edward T. Kindall*** 2512 Scovel St, Nashville, 37208 School Dist 1
Jarod DeLozier 1201 Littonwood Dr, Nashville, 37216 School Dist 3
W. Fred Lee, jr. 916 Graceland Ct, Goodlettsville, 37072 School Dist 3
Jill Smith Speering 1131 Fernbank Av, Madison, 37115 School Dist 3
Rick Williams +++ 1733 Neelys Bend Rd, Madison, 37115 School Dist 3
John E. Haubenreich 1615 Fatherland St, Nashville, 37206 School Dist 5
Elissa Kim 811 Fatherland St, Nashville, 37206 School Dist 5
Erica Lanier 1707 Neal Tr, Nashville,  37203 School Dist 5
Gracie Porter *** 808 Russell St, Nashville, 37206 School Dist 5
Anna Page  (withdrew petition, not running) 222 Wheeler Av, Nashville, 37211 School Dist 7
Will Pinkston ++ 937 Battlefield Dr, Nashville, 37204 School Dist 7
Alan C. Sharp 212 Shawn Dr, Nashville, 37211 School Dist 7
Hillyard Al. Wilkins 6525 Arvington Wy, Antioch, 37013 School Dist 7
Bob Bogen * 6755 Pennywell Dr, Nashville, 37205 School Dist 9
Eric Crafton 7557 Oakhaven Tc, Nashville, 37209 School Dist 9
Margaret O. Dolan+ 6108 Hickory Valley Rd, Nashville, 37205 School Dist 9
Amy Frogge 7237 Riverfront Dr, Nashville, 37221 School Dist 9
Juliet "Julie" Lamb 207 Bellevue Rd, Nashville, 37221 School Dist 9
Ronnie Osborne 716 Magnolia Tl, Nashville, 37221 School Dist 9
*Former Metro Councilman and MNEA Executive Director Bob Bogen
** Incumbent member, Wife of former Vice Mayor Howard Gentry
*** Incumbent member
+ VP of of Community Relations at Ingram Industries
++ a former Gov. Bredesen aide
+++ a long-time political campaign volunteer, Doug Henry's "sign" man, a Democrat, opponent of Metro's limo price-fixing scheme 

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  1. thanks for posting this! i had been trying to find the full list!

  2. Looking for information on each candidate and where they stand on specific issues, what their experience is, agenda, etc.
    Not finding much online... any suggestions? MNPS site has no info either.

  3. Information about all of the candidates can be hard to come by. Check back often, I will be running press releases if they are sent to me,information on which groups are endorsing which candidates and links to other news stories that shed light on the candidates and I may be making endorsements of my own.

  4. dolan is legit. she's got a lotta community experience (has sat on a bunch of public education-related boards) and is a cpa/businesswoman. i think shes the only person who can actually change the way we run things by stopping the waste of public funds and focusing them on what matters most- the kids, the students, kinda the future of america if you know what i mean

  5. Disgruntled Republican- thanks for always keeping us informed. As one of the best blogs on the internet, we're very lucky to have it in TN.

    Here are my two cents on the school board district 9 race:

    Margaret Dolan is the most qualified, has the most experience, and has the best ideas.

    Yes, Amy has kids in public school- BIG DEAL! Nobody needs to apologize for working hard enough to afford sending their kids to better schools and Im sick of everyone talking about "OH HER KIDS ARENT IN PUBLIC SCHOOL" blah blah blah. Yes- she chose NOT to burden our already overly inefficient, government run "schools"

    Dolan has been working with public schools her entire life. If anything, we NEED someone with exposure to how "they" (better schools) do it.

    We need to raise standards and get this show on the road: i feel like people are so hypocritical. we talk about private industry as the future and engine of america but then lambast folks for sending their children to private schools. this has GOT to stop. private does not = evil.