Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Metro vehicle inspectors under fire for impersonating cops

by Michael Cass,The Tennessean, April 24, 2012

Metro’s police chief has sent a blistering letter to the city’s transportation licensing director after vehicle inspectors allegedly used police badges, carried guns and put blue lights on their cars while making their rounds.

“Violations of law, multiple misrepresentations, an apparent lack of accountability and a general propensity to act in a non-responsible manner have affected the credibility of your agency,” Chief Steve Anderson wrote to Brian McQuistion, director of the Metro Transportation Licensing Commission, in a four-page letter dated April 20. read more
Fantastic! Thank you Michael Cass for reporting this story and thank you Chief Anderson for taking a strong stand against the thugs at the Transportation Licensing Commission. People who impersonate police officers and harass the public ought to go to jail! The council should hold hearings on this issue and McQuiston should be forced to resign. Anyone who has impersonated a police officer should go to jail.

Please read the letter from the police chief. Chief Anderson caught McQuiston in an outright lie and he calls him on it. He states what McQuiston told him and then says, "These assertions were not truthful." The only way he could have said what he said more forcefully would have been to say, "you are a damn lair."  He calls McQuiston's rational as to why his thugs were not impersonating policemen,"absurd reasoning" and he is right. It could not get more absurd. He issues to McQuiston a long list of demands. Read the letter here.

Not only has the TLC engaged in harassing citizens and impersonating police officers, but the Metro Council and the city of Nashville has engaged in price fixing and the writing of regulations to benefit the well-connected, well-established limousine companies to protect them from competition from innovative, less costly competition. This is a shameful example of crony capitalism and the government picking winner and losers. To learn more about this issue follow this link.

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  1. The last time I checked, badges, guns, and vehicle lights are issued through the state who regulates the departments. If that is the sole bases for the complaints you are a complete idiot.