Monday, April 30, 2012

Occupy Nashville planning May Day march

Occupy Nashville is planning a day of protest, teach-ins, and marches tomorrow, which is May 1. May 1st, as you probably know, is the International Workers' Day and a day which has always been important to Communist and other left wing movements. It was an official holiday in countries such as the People's Republic of China, Cuba and the former Soviet Union. Is is a favorite day for left-wing protest in America and around the world. 

Since the Occupy movement has fallen apart and pretty much ended with the pitiful remnant of losers turning on each other, and since the Occupy  May Day rallies across the Nation have not been given much publicity, I am expecting that, for the most part, they will be a big flop. Maybe in Seattle and New York and a few other places, they will be able to generate a crowd and wreck a little havoc, but I doubt Nashville's rally will turn into a violent rampage.

I am hesitant to even mention the event, not wanting to give Occupy any publicity.  I hope the TV stations fail to cover their publicity-seeking event. If anyone wants to know more about what Occupy Nashville has planned, you can follow this link

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