Wednesday, April 25, 2012

State Fairgrounds - URGENT

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Dear Red Army:

We need you. 

The Tennessee State House has passed a bill that will likely ensure the loss of our Tennessee State 
Fairgrounds! The bill is up for a vote in the Senate THIS THURSDAY.

The bill gives control of the Tennessee State Fair (only the fair) to a state appointed commission and 
threatens to take it out of Davidson County.  This is exactly what Mayor Dean has sought from the 
beginning. The Senate sponsor, Democrat Joe Haynes of Nashville, has been asked to amend the 
bill to require the fair to stay in Davidson County and so far he has refused!  Coincidentally, the Press 
Secretary for the Democrats is the leader of the SNAP organization that led the effort to demolish the 
racetrack, give up the State Fair and kick out the Flea Market.

This new legislation also contains language that could allow the Fairgrounds to be sold: "(6) Sell or 
convey all or a portion of the property, land, or buildings under its management subject to the approval of the state building commission;"

Your help is needed to sway our senators. They must hear from you ASAP!

1)  They must hear from you by high-noon, Wednesday, April 25. Ask that they honor the voter's 
wishes and amend the bill to keep the Tennessee State Fair in the capital city at its home for over 
106 years!  Copy/Paste the addresses from BELOW to send an EMAIL to all of Tennessee's 

2)  If available, unpack your red shirts and be on the second floor of the TN State Capital 
building at 8:30am Thursday morning for "Red Army" action!

3) Call the Davidson County Senators (Davidson County is broken into 3 senate regions) and the 
Gov and Lt. Gov.:

Sen. Thelma Harper: 741-2453
Sen. Doug Henry: 741-3291
Sen. Joe Haynes: 741-6679
Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey: 741-4524
Governor Haslam: 741-2001

Long live the Tennessee State Fairgrounds!  And, more power to the "Red Army."

PS. Tennessee Farm Bureau is pushing this legislation in the name of "saving the state fair." They 
need to hear from you as well! Ask that they put what they say they want in black-n-white and support
 this amendment.

Duane Dominy
District 28 Councilman
101 Cherokee Place
Antioch, TN 37013

Copy/Paste these emails to reach all the Senators, their staff, and House leadership:

Add the TN Farm Bureau:

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