Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TLC caught on camera impesonating police officers!

Watch this video! Transportation Licensing Commission inspectors are caught on tape impersonating police officers! Charges of extortion, official misconduct and impersonating police officers were leveled against the TLC as long ago as 2007 but nothing was done. TLC officers may face criminal charges.
Thanks to Channel 4 for reporting this story that has gone unreported for too long.

Not only has the TLC engaged in harassing citizens and impersonating police officers, but the Metro Council and the city of Nashville have engaged in price fixing and the writing of regulations to benefit the well-connected, well-established limousine companies to protect them from competition from innovative, less costly competition. This is a shameful example of crony capitalism and the government picking winner and losers. To learn more about this issue follow this link.

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