Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dawn White Refused to Debate Richard Garvin

White Campaign Responds to Debate Request
Murfreesboro, TN   --  June 12, 2012  --  We have received our opponent’s request for a debate.  As Dawn White’s campaign manager, my response is below. 

“Dawn White believes candidates should personally make an effort to take their messages directly to the voters, and she is doing exactly that.  To learn about a candidate, voters should not have to attend a staged event where they will only hear rehearsed political rhetoric and canned answers.  

Dawn White is working hard to share her message of economic growth and opportunity, education reform and smaller, smarter government with residents of the 37th District.  She has already personally reached out to thousands of voters, and is committed to personally meeting every voter she possibly can during this race to hear their concerns and earn their support.   Through her personal work ethic, Dawn has shown that she will be a true representative of the people who will work tirelessly on their behalf. 
I understand Mr. Garvin’s need to garner free publicity and to attempt to prove himself as a Republican.  On several occasions, Richard Garvin has publicly stated that he voted for Barack Obama.  In fact, he had never even voted in a Republican primary until after he declared his candidacy for this very seat just a few short months ago.  The Republican nominee should be someone who will make decisions using common sense and conservative principles.  I seriously question Mr. Garvin’s credibility as a conservative.  No one who has truly been a conservative for years as our opponent claims to have been would ever have considered voting for Barack Obama. 
Dawn White is a lifelong conservative Republican who has worked to support conservative principles and candidates for years.  Candidates should be judged by their records and actions, not just by their words.  Dawn White is the only conservative in this race.  For these reasons, Dawn will not be debating Mr. Garvin.  Dawn looks forward to participating in the traditional televised League of Women Voters forum in the fall if she is the Republican nominee.”                                                                                                           -
Amelia King Bozeman, Campaign Manager
Dawn White for State Representative

The Dawn White-Richard Garvin race is the race that has become entwined with the 9-12 Project-Tim Rudd controversy.  Tim Rudd is a member of the State Republican Party Executive Committee and is a paid consultant to Dawn White. To my way of thinking, if that is not a prohibited conflict of interest, it should be. 

Tim created controversy when he urged Republican candidates for office to boycott a 9-12 Project debate and vetting process. 

I am dismayed that one would characterize a debate as "a staged event where they will only hear rehearsed political rhetoric and canned answers." Someone should have told Lincoln and Douglas that or Nixon and Kennedy. I think a debate is one of the best ways to make a decision about a candidate. With questions not known before hand, it is often difficult to give canned answers in a debate. A debate can allow one to judge a candidate's depth of knowledge and quickness of mind. A lot can be revealed in a debate, that cannot be revealed in a standard campaign appearance. Why is Dawn White afraid to debate?

I am concerned that Richard Garvin voted for Barack Obama and is only a recent Republican convert. At a recent First Tuesday event, I asked Richard about that and he said that he made a mistake. Garvin, who is African-American said that the fact that Barack Obama is an African-American influenced his decision. I offered him the opportunity to fully address the issue of his having voted for Obama and his conversion to the Republican cause. If I get a more detailed response from Garvin that addresses that issue, I will post it. 

This is an interesting controversy and race. Tim Rudd is supporting Dawn White who pays him for campaign services. Dawn White is perceived as the "establishment candidate," yet she is the long-term Republican and Garvin is a recent Republican convert who voted for Obama.  

Tim Rudd has been a big supporter of Lou Ann Zelenik, who is the anti-establishment candidate who believes the First Amendment does not apply to Muslims. When campaigning for Zelenik, Tim Rudd was complementary of the 9-12 group; now he is critical.

 Zelenik has been popular with many of the 9-12 people in a race for the US. House; but many of the same people favor Garvin is this race for a State House seat. Politics can be irrational, and people's alliances can be short-lived and hard to explain.  

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