Friday, June 15, 2012

Debra Maggart's Gallatin fundraiser with lions, tigers and bears.

The wing to the left is the grand hall
Last night I had the pleasure of attending a Debra Maggart fundraiser in Gallatin at the home of Ted Lyon's. My Lyons is a big game hunter, a contributor to Republican candidates and owner of several McDonalds's franchises. 

I have been in nice homes before, so I am not easily impressed but when I walked into the grand hall of the Lyon home, my jaw dropped. Wow! The hall had cathedral ceiling and  was cavernous with what must have been a couple hundred or more stuffed animals or heads of animals mounted on the wall. There was a grey wolf; a grizzly bear; a hippo; all kinds of dear, elk, buffalo and, moose; an elephant; a giraffe; a zebra; and lions, and tiger, and various other big cats; and a large alligator hide on the floor. 

The gun safe was open and there were lots of guns of various design and caliber to view. Mr. Lyon's has hunted all over the world and makes his own bullets.

The Governor praises Debra Maggart
It is hard to estimate the crowd, but their must have been 200 to 300 people attending the event. After a while mingling in the hall, we move to the pool area were we ate and had drinks and continued to socialize until the speeches began. I enjoyed pleasant conversation with a lot of new people I met and with a lot of the people I always see at political events.

Debra spoke about the accomplishments of the last two years with a Republican majority and Republican governor and she spoke about the joy of working with Speaker of the House Beth Harwell, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey and Govenor Haslam.

Governor  Haslam and  Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey spoke, and each praised Debra for her leadership in the House. Both were charming and funny and entertaining. 

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey Representative Debra Maggart
Ron Ramsey said in politics there are something that are so untrue they are funny and some things that are just wrong. For anyone to make the ridiculous claim that Debra Maggart is not conservative enough is just "funny and wrong"  said Ramsey.

Jim Gotto and a several other of Debra's colleague's were on hand to lend their support.  

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1 comment:

  1. You are very impressed with an over-the-top home, along with the trappings of monetary success.

    Quite a few serious people might think that the all-too-intended effect of such pretentiousness on you reveals that your values may be skewed. There's a lot more to life than money and what it buys.

    No, there's nothing wrong with success. More power to the successful.

    But in today's society there seem to be many who almost worship it.

    Many of those same people also claim to be Christian, often quite loudly.

    One can be Christian and very successful in this world. But many who achieve worldly success violate some of the basic tenets of the faith to achieve the success, such as concern for and actual action to benefit the less fortunate.

    Most of the less fortunate don't even dream of a lifestyle like you describe. They may not even know such things exist. They surely won't taste anything like that on this earth. And, no, it's not necessarily their fault they won't.

    Which is more impressive, all the teachings of Jesus or wealth and all its trappings?

    Which can we take along into the next life?