Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dirty sneak attack on Steve Dickerson. Rock on Steve!

Vote Steve Dickerson!
The State Senate needs
some Rock and Roll.
I just got the mail out of my mail box and was greeted by a campaign piece attacking Steve Dickerson, Republican primary candidate for Senate District 20.

No where on the piece does it say who paid for it. It says, "paid for with private funds."  It was mailed first class so there is not a permit number to trace. I don't know who all got it, but even if only Republican voters got it, someone spend a lot of money for this anonymous attack.

On the outside to the mailer, in the space where one would normally find the return address was a bold message "Exposing Steve Dickerson."

Inside, taking 1/3 of tri-fold page was the words, "Member of Obscene Rock Band by Night, Medical Industry's Candidate by Day." The name of his rock and roll band was No Good Deeds. The author of this piece never does say what makes the band "obscene." Now, Ozzy Osborne is obscene, or at least shocking. Madonna is obscene, or at least erotic. I don't know what make No Good Deeds obscene. I guess whoever produced this piece, just thinks all rock and roll is obscene.

Quotes attributed to Dickerson are one that says, "Surrounded by Hot Girls in Good Moods," 2008.  And, "Lets, Just say there is something very rock & roll about a female soldiers legs sticking up in the air as she does a keg stand," 2009.


Quite frankly, I'm not bothered in the least by the above quotes. There is no context to the quotes. Was he being interviewed?  Maybe I am just worldly enough that, I do not find, "hot girls in good moods" to be a scandalous comment. Anyway, that is not a sentence. What was said before the phrase and after? What was being asked?   I would have to say that I have liked "hot girls in good moods." I appreciate "hot girls" and I like for everyone to be in a "good mood." By "hot" girls, I take that to mean attractive, well-groomed, maybe glamorous women exuding a certain sexuality.Yea, I like hot girls.

I would need to know what came before and after the quote about female soldiers. What is a "keg stand"? 

A picture in the piece shows Steve Dickerson from his rock and roll days, using a hand gesture that folds in the thumb and two middle fingers and extends the index finger and little finger. The picture caption reads, "posing with band members for obscene promotional photo."

Is that an obscene gesture? Please, tell me what it is. I think it is sometimes a gang symbol or maybe the Texas Longhorns sports team symbol. It is pretty obscure. Obscene? Not that I know of. Now, if all of the fingers had been extended except the middle finger, as Johnny Cash was once photographed gesturing, then I would accept that it is an obscene gesture. I just don't know that this is an obscene gesture. Anyway, was he cutting up? What is the big deal?

Is this the worst they can find from Steve Dickerson's rock and roll days?  People who have never done anything, don't have records. Anyone who has ever been in a public position can have their record "exposed" and distorted.

Until getting this piece I did not know Steve Dickerson had been in a rock and roll band but I don't think that makes him less worthy of being a candidate. In fact, maybe by rubbing shoulders with people from various backgrounds and various interest, it makes him a better candidate. Maybe he has a deeper understanding of the perspective and concern of a broader segment of the population. Maybe he can relate better.

This is "music city USA."  Maybe, the Senate needs someone who can relate to musicians. The fact that he was once in a rock and roll bands means he is probably not freaked out by people who are a little bohemian, or live a different life style, or were once young, or like to drink beer until late at night and like to dance and have fun. To my way of thinking, that does not disqualify him.

I would rather have a candidate who had once been in a rock and roll band and had broader life experiences  than a candidate who had never left the enclave of Brentwood and never experienced life beyond prep school and church.

The bottom 1/3 of the tri-fold asks, "Are his values conservative enough for you?" 

Yes they are. Steve advocates a for less government, efficient government, lower taxes, constitutional rights, ending Obamacare, a pro-life position, and market solutions to public problems where appropriate.

After getting this piece, I am going to wear my "Steve Dickerson" baseball cap more often and send him another donation. To volunteer in his campaign or send a donation or learn more about Steve Dickerson, go to Steve Dickerson for State Senate.

His opponent should denounce this sneak anonymous attack. 

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  1. Isn't it illegal to send out an unattributed attack during political season?