Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey proud of conservation project

Nature Conservancy and state charting new path with Doe Mountain acquisition

By Morgan Simmons, Knoxnews.com, Monday, June 4, 2012

MOUNTAIN CITY, Tenn. — One of the best ways to experience Doe Mountain is from the top of a retired Forest Service fire tower on one of the mountain's main peaks. (read more)
There is a small segment of the conservative movement that thinks we do not need to preserve any more natural treasures. There is a small segment that, because of differences of opinion with some environmentalist, have taken the position that all environmentalism is evil. There is a nutty fringe that thinks preserving beautiful vistas and natural rivers and wildlife habitats and wilderness areas are part of a diabolical plot called Agenda 21 and that by embracing nature we are embracing surrendering national sovereignty and private property rights. I am glad our state Republican leadership is not part of that nutty fringe.

I am a conservative and a conservationist. I want to preserve the natural beauty of our state.  I am proud of Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey and Governor Bill Haslam and most of our elected state officials, Republican and Democrat, who are also conservationist and value preserving the natural beauty of our state and saving our natural treasures for future generations.

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