Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Michael Craddock goes after Steve Glover and Josh Stites

The following was posted on the Homeowners Against a Property Tax Hike facebook page today. Michael Craddock is a former member of the Metro Council and former candidate for Mayor. Shame on Michael Craddock for not understanding the Charter or distorting the facts. Josh Sites took made every effort possible to defeat or reduce the tax hike. By the time it came to a final vote, a "no" vote or an abstention was a vote for the Mayor's budget as opposed to the McGuire budget. That was the only two choices. Josh Stites did not "justify" his vote, he explained it. 

It is my view that we should not waste time and energy on a recall effort, but work to amend the charter so a "no" vote really is a "no" vote.

Michael Craddock posted in Homeowners Against a Property Tax Hike 

Michael Craddock
From my point of view. The time has come where people like you and I simply must demand that the candidates that we help get elected and those that tell us that they believe like we do, tow the line. One must be held accountable for one's actions. Case in point: Steve Glover espouses the conservative point of view but when it comes right down to it, he walks away from those views and votes for the tax increase. I believe the meetings he organized were no more than a smoke screen. I had been told early on by more than one councilmember that he was lobbying other council members for a yes vote.

The other case in point is Josh Stites. I have come to know Josh. I frankly think Josh has a promising political future. That said I am truly disappointed in Josh for voting for the tax increase. I attended one of his fund raisers during his campaign and the overwhelming majority of the folks present were of the conservative bent. As a matter of fact many were heavy hitters in the Republican Party and many of you that will read this were there in support of Josh. Josh even attended the anti tax rally that was held in the Opry Mills area.

I can only be somewhat disappointed in some of the others for their yes vote because having been a member of the Council for eight years, I expected them to vote yes. I believe some are just to weak to stand up and vote no. Pitiful!

If we continue to ignore these character flaws in these individuals who promise us one thing and do the opposite, (especially on an issue as major as a 13% tax increase in these economic times), shame on us. We will not make progress until we begin holding their feet to the fire.

Josh has done his best to justify his vote to the Tennessean by saying that a vote against McGuire's budget was a vote for Dean's budget. From my perspective that is an extremely weak excuse. The fact is and always will be that in the minutes of the Council meeting there is a yes by Josh Stites name.

Josh Stites: shame on you!

Steve Glover: I expected it from you!

P.S. I would be in favor of a recall effort. But I would single out certain ones and concentrate on them to make an example of them to the others.

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