Monday, June 11, 2012

SHIRLEY COLUMN: Rutherford County Republican leaders try to sink Tea Party's ship

by Stephen Shirley,, June 10, 2012
(excerpt) It is interesting to note that Rudd’s opinion on involvement from outside groups seems to have changed pretty dramatically in the past two years. In 2010, during the campaign for the Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District, Rudd wasn’t nearly as outspoken when, as campaign manager for Lou Ann Zelenik, he had his candidate take part in numerous candidate forums sponsored by groups unaffiliated with the GOP.
Zelenik and every other candidate for the congressional seat, including Kerry Roberts for whom I worked, participated in a forum sponsored by the Wilson County Tea Party as well as one sponsored by the Tennessee Farm Bureau. Furthermore, all of the candidates took part in a luncheon held by the same local 9/12 group that Rudd is now telling to butt out of GOP affairs.  (read more)
It is interesting to see how Tim Rudd's opinion has changed on the issue of outside groups. Personally, I think it should be a conflict of interest for a member of the Executive Committee to be a paid consultant for a candidate as is Tim Rudd. To read more on this issue,  see the following:

J. Lee Douglas of 9-12 replies to Tim Rudd in open letter

Local Republicans divided over conservative organizations

Tim Rudd: I am not picking a fight with 9-12.

Who does Tim Rudd work for and is that the reason for the 9-12 letter?

A split in conservative ranks: Why is Tim Rudd picking a fight with 9/12?

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