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Tennessee Campaign Bootcamp Sat June 23 2012

Tennessee Campaign Bootcamp Sat June 23 2012

Tennessee Campaign Bootcamp Sat June 23 2012
Date Saturday, June 23 9:00 AM
Location 5566 Franklin Pike Circle
Brentwood (I-65 S @ Rt. 254)
Nashville , TN 37027 Map
Cost $25.00

1 Day, $25.00 (includes lunch, coffee, and materials)

Political success is determined by the number AND EFFECTIVENESS of the activists on either side. This one-day workshop is designed to help you use your limited time more effectively in the political arena.

Each year, thousands of solid conservatives run for office and lose. Sometimes this is because of minor glitches in campaign organization -- or in the mobilization of volunteers -- or in voter goals and targeting -- or in message development -- or in any number of areas.

This workshop will help you with some tools and techniques that can save your campaign time, resources, and votes. Our instructors will share ideas about how to make a greater difference in your local elections and governance. This training gives you the nuts and bolts needed to make your campaign more effective. Attend this class and learn what it takes to make limited time count for more.

Ideal attendees for this workshop are conservative individuals interested in making a difference: campaign managers, staff and volunteers; future or prospective candidates; citizen activists. Whether volunteering or working for a conservative candidate, cause, or issue at the local or state level this class will improve your skills.
I have attended one of the Leadership Institute training programs and found it to be very worthwhile. This is not a rah-rah political rally but a "how-to" training program. While liberals would not be comfortable in the room with all the conservatives, anyone wanting to know the mechanics of running for office or managing a campaign would benefit from this training regardless of ideology.

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