Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tim Rudd: I am not picking a fight with 9-12.

Below is the reply I receive from Tim Rudd in response to my post, "Why is Tim Rudd picking a fight with 9-12:"


First of all let me say that neither I or anyone else in the Republican Party is picking a fight with 9/12 or anyone else. I made no threats or derogatory statements against 9/12 or any other organization. I am simply defending my Party's right to control its own selection process.

We have welcomed members of non-partisan organizations that openly say they are Republican to be involved in the GOP, its committees, as officers and to volunteer in campaigns. The 9/12 group is made up of many fine people of which many are my friends. I know the negative and confrontational tactics of a few 9/12ers do not represent the views of most 9/12ers I know. From the response and the comments of certain 9/12 leaders, they are attacking me, not vise versa. This is most unfortunate.

Unlike single issue non-partisan groups like the NRA, Right To Life, Anti-Tax organizations, 9/12 has a wide array of issues and causes. The group is made up of Democrats, Republicans and Independents and have supported candidates from a broad spectrum of ideologies. Nine-Twelve has never considered itself Republican. I ask that any and all non-Republican organizations respect our rules, our process and our right to select our own Party nominee. Once we have put forth our nominees for the general election, all people and non-partisan organizations can select between Republican, Democrat and Independent candidates. 

It would be morally and ethically wrong for people who do not consider themselves to be a Republican to vote in our primary or in any way to interfere in our process. For individuals who are Republican, I encourage them to join us and become involved in our Party's process.


Tim Rudd

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  1. Rod, thanks for posting Tim Rudd's response and giving us an opportunity to see how ridiculous his defense of his letter truly is. He says that NRA, Right to Life and other organizations are single issue and that 9/12 is active on many issues. What 9/12 has in common with those other organizations, though, is what Rudd chooses to attack only in the case of 9/12, which is that it is composed or Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. 9/12's questionaire gives a chance for Republican voters to see where candidates stand on that wide variety of issues. Like you, Rod, I believe that 9/12 goes off in some, let's say, poorly-advised directions like the so-called Sheriff's Bill and the Agenda-21 stuff but they were founded and still heavily-grounded on rock-solid conservative principles of limited government and lower taxes and spending. Things that good Republicans identify with. Maybe that's why people like Rudd are worried about them.

    Gene Wisdom