Saturday, July 7, 2012

912ers go after Haslam over Sharia Law

912ers, via Registered Mail, the below was delivered to Governor Haslam
Governor Bill Haslam
1st Floor, State Capitol
Nashville, TN 37243

Dear Governor Haslam:
Our 912 Project Tennessee, a liberty group formed in March, 2009, now with a state membership over two-thousand citizens who have been very curious of the role of our state government with other groups often labeled as “religious” groups who seem to be granted special privileges or special considerations  by you and our state government.
Because of your creation of committees and your selection of individuals with unique specialty experience in these other religious group practices, we find that we must express our concern for your actions with the accompanying resolution.
You and I, no doubt, understand that we are referencing any group, charity, foundation or brotherhood whose goal is to bring all American government under the authority of the Islamic Shariah Law.
Our 912 founding purpose is to secure equal treatment of the law for all with exception for none and we do not advocate for any restriction or taxation upon any religious group who at all times recognizes the perpetual supreme authority the US and state Constitutions.
We believe that ample evidence supports the belief that there are individuals who desire to surreptitiously advance their total government system under the cloak of religion—Islam, and that these individuals are most always connected to the same Muslim Brotherhood charities, subgroups, as convicted in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation Trials.
As one in a group of most who did vote for you in 2010, I respectfully request your attention to the accompanying 912 Project Tennessee Resolution.

J. Lee Douglas
912 Project Tennessee

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