Saturday, July 7, 2012

An alternative vision of health care refrom

Critics of Obamacare need an alternative vision. This from The National Center for Policy Analysis is such a vision: A Health Care Contract with America.

The major components of this vision are tax fairness, portability, empowering patients, "real" insurance, and universality.

Unfortunately, I fear that some of the same passion that was stirred to generate hostility to Obamacare could be stirred to generated opposition to market oriented reform. Despite the obvious unfairness of people at all income brackets getting the same untaxed healthcare provided by their employers, many people will balk at changes to the status quo. The status quo is not acceptable however. Unless we have drastic change in the way health care is insured, health care cost will continue to rise and the number of uninsured will grow. When that occurs, at some point in the future the Democrats will be back with a vision of health care even worse than Obamacare and the public will buy it.

As soon as Republicans are back in power, assuming they are, they should aggressively pursue market oriented health care reform.

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