Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Channel 5 investigates "terrorist training camp" in Dover

NewsChannel5.com | Nashville News, Weather
I saw the video Homegrown Terrorist last year, or maybe year before last, at a special showing at Belcourt Theater. Quit frankly, I was not impressed. That video reveals that there are isolated Muslim communities across the United States which the producer of the video label as Jihadist training camps. They claim it, but the evidence to support the case seems weak.They never prove their case.

I hope the Federal government is aware of these isolated Muslim communities and does not let political correctness get in the way of prudent lawful investigation if there is reasonable suspicion of  terrorist training activities or the planning of acts of terrorism.   On the other hand, I hope spreading alarm about these communities does not lead to vigilantism and terrorism of a people who may simply look different and may just want to be left alone.

The fact that new immigrants live in communities with others of their same national origin is not new. Large American cities have had their "Little Italy" or Polish section or whatever ever since there has been sizable immigration into this country. Many cities still have "China Townes" or enclaves of ethnic minorities a hundred years after the first immigrants of that ethnic group arrived. Overtime however, most emigrants do assimilate and integrate into the larger community. The fact that people of the same national origin or ethnicity live in a community separate from the larger community proves nothing, in and of itself.

It should be interesting to see what Channel 5 learns. 

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  1. Unfortunately this video cannot be found any more, I have searched everywhere for it to see the video since I missed it.