Friday, July 13, 2012

Charles Williamson Comments on Opponent's Lack of Knowledge

 Seasoned Businessman Faces Twenty-Somethings in Upcoming GOP Primary 

Nashville, TN --- One young area realtor who calls himself "a lifelong Republican," has in fact been old enough to vote for just 7 years. 

D.J. Farris sent an email to friends today, noting that his opponent Charles Williamson has voted across party lines during his lifetime and suggesting that the businessman is not a true Republican. Williamson defends his voting strategy.

"One of my eager young opponents needs to do his homework, " Charles Williamson says. "The other just needs to file his campaign finance reports."

Williamson made his remarks today, after being one of the first dozen Tennesseans to cast a ballot in Nashville's opening day of early voting. Williamson, Republican candidate for Tennessee State House, District 50 has been a professional geologist, business owner and rancher for more than 25 years. He faces Dave Hall, 24, (who, state records show, has yet to file the mandatory quarterly financial disclosure reports) and Farris, just 25 years old, in the GOP primary. Farris sent out his email earlier today, latching onto one item from a candidate feature in today's Tennessean. 

"It's information that's available anywhere," Williamson says. "Tennessee has an open primary system. No party registration is required to vote in primary elections. There are many strategic reasons to vote in either primary, plus there have been many elections in Davidson County history that offered no Republican candidate. If you didn't vote in a Democrat primary, you didn't get to vote. Further, I'm certain that many Democrats voted in the recent GOP Presidential Preference Primary. That sure doesn't make them Conservatives!"

Williamson is a member of several area chambers of commerce, the Bellevue Exchange Club, and is a graduate of a local professional Leadership program. He is endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police and won the recent Davidson County Republican Party Straw Poll with 73% of the vote. He is a life member of the National Rifle Association. He is the president of Geotechnical Environmental Services, Inc. and the owner of Rockdale Bison Ranch in Goodlettsville. 
"Clearly we need informed, mature leaders in the State House," Williamson says. "I look forward to the opportunity to serve  my neighbors and friends as a representative who will listen to all points of view and seek objective solutions for our state." 

Williamson adds, "I challenge anyone to talk to my friends and neighbors and find a  single one who disputes my status as a Constitutional Conservative and a Republican. Good luck with that." 

The winner of the District 50 primary will face Metro Councilman, Bo Mitchell, in the November general election. The sprawling House District 50 includes Goodlettsville, Joelton, Scottsboro, Bellevue and parts of West Nashville.
My Comment: I have often voted in Democrat primaries and unless the Republican Party fields good candidates for the court house seats and offices like Sheriff, I will continue to do so.  I doubt Charles Williamson was a Democrat just because he voted in Democrat primaries. Even if he once was a Democrat however, that should not disqualify him. Quite a few former Democrats have become good Republicans. John Connally, Ronald Reagan... 

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