Friday, July 20, 2012

Conservatlive Fusion Book Club: Read and join the discussion.

If you're interested in discussing the classic works of the modern conservative intellectual movement take a look at some of the ones we've discussed and join us!

Conservative Fusion

""Kirk's text was not only a huge, 450-page distillation of the thinking of 150 years of the intellectual right; it was also a relentless assault on every left-wing panacea and error imaginable. The perfectibility of man, contempt for tradition, political and economic leveling-these were, in Kirk's view, the most prominent among post-1789 attacks on social order. Liberalism, collectivism, utilitarianism, positivism, atomistic individualism, leveling humanitarianism, pragmatism, socialism, ideology ("the science of idiocy," said John Adams)-these were some of Kirk's targets. Moreover, at times he criticized capitalism and industrialism; the automobile, for example, he labeled a "mechanical Jacobin." Kirk, in short, left no stone unturned. Here was a full-scale challenge to modernity." (from George Nash's The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945)

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