Monday, July 16, 2012

County Republican Parties taken over by right wing fringe condemn Haslam

Apparently several county Republican parties across the State have been taken over by elements of the right wing fringe. I really hate to publicly criticize other Republicans at a time we ought to be focused on denying Obama a second term. I would much rather just ignore our differences.  However, when the right wing fringe takes over County parties and passes resolutions condemning a great Republican governor who has reformed education, enacted tort reform, cut government waste, and cut taxes, they cannot be ignored. It is time for mainstream Republicans to take the party back from the radical fringe. 

Below is the Tennessean article on this topic: 

 County GOP chapters circulate resolutions condemning Haslam
While the Haslam position on guns in parking lots and his refusal to sign a joint house resolution condemning Agenda 21,  a United Nations report on sustainability which the legislature condemned as an "insidious" communist plot, has irritated the extreme right, the thing that has really made the right wing  kooks go off the deep end is that the Department of Economic and Community Development hired a well-qualified, Tennessee native, who happens to be a Muslim, to head its international trade office.

For a related story see this post:

Regarding Samar Ali: The Haslam administration has already answered the 912ers.

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