Sunday, July 8, 2012

Has Debra Maggart embraced Islamic fundamentalism???? WHAT???

This is unreal! One of the reasons brain addled right wing nut jobs are trying to defeat Debra Maggart is because she visited Turkey. Yes, I know.  For most normal people this is unbelievable, but it is true. Read about it here:

Even more bizarre and less rooted in reality than the matter of her opponent filing a false disclosure statement are the allegations against Middle Tennessee radio talk show host Steve Gill that because of a recent promotional trip to Turkey that Maggart has “embraced Islamic fundamentalism.” Of course Gill doesn’t bother to remind his audience that Turkey has embraced Western-style democratic government since the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the First World War and that they are a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), something that isn’t true of those countries which are more or less committed to some kind of Islamist regime. Gill was at one time the local powerhouse of Tennessee conservative talk radio. However, Gill’s latest charge against a proven conservative leader that has no bearing in fact or in truth may serve as in illustration to us of just why it is that Gill’s Arbitron ratings are in the tank and he is struggling to stay above 3,000 listeners in a day. His Arbitron share on the stations that carry him is 0.5 and 0.6, respectively." (link)
I have visited Turkey and absolutely loved it! Louella and I traveled with just a couple good guide books and no reservations and no set agenda. We had wonderful adventures. It was romantic. Turkey is a beautiful and an exotic country rich in history and art. The people are friendly and gracious. A lot of what we think of as ancient Greece is actually in Turkey. You know Helen of Troy? Troy is in Turkey. Have you read the book of Ephesians in the Bible? Ephesus is in Turkey. We visited Ephesus. It is well preserved for an ancient ruin. We shopped for oriental rugs. The carpet merchants are persistent and everywhere. "Sir, you do not have to buy, just come into my shop. I want to serve you tea and let you see my beautiful carpets. Just look; no buy." Beautiful carpets and tiles and silks and the spice markets. Bus service is grand and buses leave several times a day to everywhere and they are cheap. The buses have a steward who gives you warm towels and lemon scented water with which to refresh. The food is great. In the small town of Assos Turkey, we set in a local tea garden and realized the supports for each of the outdoor tables were the up-righted ends of ancient Greek columns being put to good use. From our window in an inexpensive but really nice hotel in Istanbul we had a panoramic view framed on one end by Sofia Hagia and on the other end by the Blue Mosque. Unlike in Nashville, in Turkey you can buy wine in a grocery store. Oh, I would love to go again to Turkey. Such wonderful, wonderful memories.

If you watch a National Geographic Special about the Egyptian pyramids does that also make you unfit for public office?  Are only stupid people who have never left home eligible to serve?

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