Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nashville Schools need Elissa Kim

Matt Nemeth
 by  Matt Nemeth
Metro Nashville Schools are a mess.  Testing has found that fewer than 30% of third grades read at a proficient level.  Graduation rates are abysmal yet metro plans on spending $723 million dollars for this upcoming school year!  

Who can honestly say that they are satisfied with the current state of Metro Nashville Schools?

One person who aims to change this is Elissa Kim.  As an educator and resident of Nashville, Kim as seen the tragic effects that a poor school system has on students.  After graduating from Northwestern University, Kim joined Teach For America and was sent to New Orleans.  Placed in one of the poorest districts in the nation, Kim saw the toll that bureaucrats take on students.  Instead of offering solutions with the money they have, the school boards would simply politicize the underachieving students as a way to gain more money for their failing system.

Elissa Kim changed this.  By working hard to teach students and make sure they were learning, she created unprecedented success in an area where many thought there could only be failure.  The focus she gave her students changed their life and hers.  Foregoing plans to attend law schools, she joined Teach For America's leadership team full time.  As head of recruiting, she found people from all walks of life who would make great teachers and changed the lives of students forever.

Elissa Kim
Nashville can use a disciplined person like Elissa Kim to sit on the school board.  Her focus and dedication to the students first allows her to stand above the status quo.  She supports charter schools to offer competition to our failing system.  When elected, she will also use her recruiting power, through Teach For America, to bring top educators here to Nashville.

For the first time in decades, we stand to elect a leader who will not be satisfied with subpar results and will always put our children first.  By offering competition through charter programs and recruitment, we will see the needed change we have fought for.  We will finally be able to say that our children are getting the education they deserve.

Elect Elissa Kim for Metro School Board District 5!
Matt Nemeth is a Republican activist and the former host of one of Nashville's Republican  Breakfast groups.  Matt works as a salesman and currently lives downtown with his dog, Sam.

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