Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Red State endorses Lou Ann Zelnik

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  1. A vote for Lou Ann Zelenik will send Diane Black a message that she failed Tennessee. One of the first things Black did when she went to Washington was vote for the Debt Ceiling Increase. Tennesseans sent her there to cut spending, but she immediately voted against us. If we don't hold these candidates responsible for their voting records we will never get change in Washington. Her ads says "you won't find anyone more conservative then she is," that just is not true. Her Heritage Action and Club for Growth scores were pathetic. She is even listed in “The Hall of Shame” for her poor voting conservative score. Her record is laid out at: http://www.conservativevotingrecords.com/overall-performance-results/tennessee/ and Hall of Shame: http://www.conservativevotingrecords.com/hall-of-shame/ The sad story is no one in Tennessee had a score 90 or 0ver on their voting records.
    We need new leadership in this state. Give Lou Ann a chance. If she goes to Washington and doesn’t do the job, vote her out.