Thursday, July 12, 2012

Susan Lynn: we must stand up to thugs and bullies.

I today received the below email from the Susan Lynn campaign today. It looks like things are really heating up in the the 57th. I don't know the current incumbent, but I have always liked Susan Lynn. I think she is a good person and a solid conservative and I would like to see her return to public office.

Dear Friends,
Please listen to WANT 98.9 FM this morning at 7:30 AM - I will be a guest on the Coleman Walker Show.

You know that I always run an honorable campaign - and I will this time as well because integrity matters.  
The attacks of my opponent keep coming - and the usual suspects have aligned as McCall's has joined in the fight and sent out a mailer stating that I do not live in the 57th District - I do live in the 57th District. 
To me this is nothing but evil.  I don't understand this evil but I do spend time in prayer everyday praying that the voters' won't believe what is being distributed.  
Please stand firm - I've heard from people that are displaying my yard sign and they have been called and pressured to remove it - that I know of two people have done so. 
If this is you, thank you for standing firm - we must stand up to thugs and bullies - these are the people that want to run our government!  Do not relent - this behavior is just a microcosm of Washington.

I have written the following articles, if you would read them and send them to your friends.  I am sure it will help. 

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  1. The incumbent was a Democrat mayor of Mt. Juliet who did whatever she wanted and ran a good city manager out because he didn't bow down to her. Susan Lynn needs to be put back in her rightful seat.