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J. Lee Douglas says, "Minute Men should see the Republican Party as those loyal to King George."

The division within the Republican Party has become a chasm. It is now a public conflict. I wonder if the Party's period of ascendancy is coming to an end. Is there anything that can heal this divide?  Will independents and moderates vote for a candidate of a Republican Party dominated by conspiracy theorist and zealots? Democrats should be dancing in the streets. I welcome comments or if anyone has insight as to the state of this conflict within the Party and what it means for the future, I would welcome hearing from you.  To submit an essay for publication, please email me at
I am posting the complete text of an email I received today from J. Lee Douglas, Chairman of the local 9-12 project.  Rod
  • J Lee Douglas
Sunday, July 22, 2012 9:23 PM 

Drawing a parallel between our struggle here in America and the Minute Men should see the Republican Party as those loyal to King George.  The progressives and liberals who have dominated Congress along with many US Presidents are the armies of the King.

Complaints and feeble efforts at acceptable negotiations always failed as often in 1774 as they do for us but as it always happens, everyone wises up to the reality that the formal pleasantries eventually cease and more direct words are spoken. We're drawing near to that where the gloves start to come off as they did this week end with the governor who said of us:  
FRANKLIN — County Republicans in recent days have twice fired across the bow of Gov. Bill Haslam’s administration, accusing the state’s top GOP leader of getting into bed with Muslim extremists.
In the face of that criticism, Haslam met with several of Williamson County’s most prominent Republicans for lunch at a busy downtown restaurant in Franklin. While sipping a glass of iced tea in the crowded dining room of Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant on Thursday, the governor said his critics deserve little of his time. 

“I think that probably speaks to a pretty small survey of Republicans here,” Haslam said of the Williamson County Republican Party’s jabs. 

Last week, Haslam received more than a handful of resolutions adopted by county-level Republican offices across the state skewering him for employing gay, Muslim and Democratic workers. In Williamson County, where Haslam received 79 percent of the vote in the 2010 general election, local GOP officials focused on Samar Ali, a Muslim-American attorney in the Department of Economic and Community Development.
On Friday, in a full-page advertisement in The Tennessean, a strongly worded letter to the governor warned him not to ignore their message. The ad was paid for by the Tennessee chapter of the 912 Project and championed the Williamson County Republican Party, among others, for having the courage to “break ranks” with party loyalists. 

“We are not afraid and we won’t be intimidated,” the ad stated. “We declare our intentions to reclaim what is rightfully and Constitutionally ours, given by God and won through the blood of Americans. As of today, the choice is still in your hands. Choose the way of common sense while that option is still available.”

In the first weeks of becoming the 912ers when we met at my house it was nearly unanimous that we'd not form a 3rd party, that we'd be even more useless as Democrats and therefore our only real choice was to get involved with the Republican party and infuse our attitudes, values, and inflexible demands that the party live up to its claim to small government. 

I hate confrontation and naively hoped that through a simple electoral process that we'd put in enough reliable candidates who'd truly represent us and now I can see that that is what we're doing right now but it is not without confrontation.

It has taken us 3 years to get to the place that we've finally drawn the line and said that we're going to wear that name that the media placed on us: Intolerant, by no longer tolerating moderate, unprincipled Republican officials.

The governor, the state party chieftain, fired his shot over our bow by declaring us fringe and small, of no consequence.  I'll bet you last November on 2010 he wasn't thinking of us and groups like ours as of no consequence. 
This is the most important time now in 3 years to get involved locally to help the candidates and most of the help needs to go to those candidates who share our values whose primary will be the only contest they have.  If we do not prevail in these elections, we'll have to grow more and wait another 2 years to do what needs to be done. 

One of the people who I think must be strained by the sudden and public clash is our own Keven K who is chair of the Williamson GOP because nearly two years ago the 912ers showed up and voted him into his office.  He has not let us down but he is being slapped around and criticized because he stuck to the principles he promoted when he was just another nobody, albeit, unhated nobody.
In our county, Kevin is being assaulted and isolated by, who else, the local republicans who did not agree with our Resolution and are of a mind set to speak no evil of their fellow Republican.  You know how much I love the Gipper but on this, he was wrong and it kept the rogue officials from being called out for their treasonous votes and behavior. 

We unite on principle, love, and faith.  We love God and we love principle more than we love loyalty.  Loyalty is important but it isn't first and anyone attempting to unite on the basis of loyalty in disregard of principle will continue to get us our Lugars and McCains. 

Part of the ammunition being used by the establishment in our county GOP is donations, money.  Some are criticizing Kevin's bold leadership because some of the more establishment oriented and wealthier members are offended at the changes you and I are bringing.  Some are busy and gullible, willing to accept what the establishment advises.  To their ears, it's familiar. 

There are some who have begun to return to the table because they can see a returning to those principles in their own party that they once saw back in the Gipper's day.  Where will those go who don't come back now?  To the Democrats?  I don't think so, do you?  If they do, they were never part of us for principle but for position and power. 

An event is being held this Thursday evening to raise some dollars to keep the county office open.  I ask that you purchase a ticket and go to support the good changes coming.  From Williamson County, other county GOPs will happen. 
I've had a flood of Emails today from other county GOPs who want to walk with us hand in hand.  Like you, they get it about Sharia.  You'll see in the coming 1-2 weeks (if the media report it) other GOPs sending Governor Haslam their own Resolutions, criticizing him for failing to be a true conservative as he described himself to many of us, face to face.
I had a man today call me from Columbia.  He's a self described atheist who saw our Resolution and wanted to tell us how grateful he was to see someone standing up for what he knew was going on.  It was very gratifying.  Like him, there'll be others.

If you cannot afford the $50 ticket to go to the Thursday night event, why don't five of you chip in $10 each and send one person in your name?
If we're going to see to it that the GOP truly represents us, we're all going to have to be diligent to safeguard our freedom for our children for a long time.

Please join the
Williamson county Republican Party
for an evening with CANDIDATES
Representative charles sargent and
Rob Hathaway, district 61
Jeremy durham, dennis kiser and
Kenny young, district 65
Judge elect mike binkley (21st judicial district)
Thursday July 26th
From 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
706 Sinclair Circle
Brentwood, Tennessee
$50 per person includes drinks (Beer, wine, soda)
And hors d’oeuvres.
Featuring music by  Kayla.

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