Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Big night in Tampa! Report # 8

MSNBC Meltdown, Shambles, Nationlistic, Blinded, Crazed. Really embarrasses a previously respected vocation, journalism.

Paul Ryan not only knocked it over the fence, he put it through the windshield of the Obama bus!

"Two of Your faithful sons" describes the Orthodox Priest of Romney & Ryan. Amen.

Excellent and inspiring message of freedom from . Great introduction to the nation for the next Vice-President of the USA!

See, you can get a room excited without sounding like you're looking to punch someone.

For the sake of our country, join Mitt Romney & me, let's see this through, let's get this done." VP2BRyan Action, leadership,win

Rep. : "That’s freedom, and I’ll take it any day over the supervision and sanctimony of the central planners." Great message

This speech and last night's show me why Chris Christie was not the VP choice. Ryan can do the "reach out to Obama voters" thing.
Kathleen Starnes No competition. Paul Ryan is the man
Rod's Comment: Paul Ryan gave a riveting speech! He explained the issues facing the country. He understands the issues and offers real solutions. I do not think we could have a better choice for VP.

Lt. Gov. joins in the standing ovation for Condi Rice.
Rod's Comment: Wow! Condoleezza Rice knocked it out of the ballpark. A serious speech that left me with a lump in my throat and a desire to stand up and cheer.

Biggest ovation so far. Dr. Rice rocks!

Did Condoleezza Rice just announce for President?

"The civil rights issue of our day" says Dr. Rice is educational choice,excellence. Next week Dems will say it's free birth control.

That's the key-it's abt issues to be a Republican, not identity politics, fitting racial profile, gender group, or a voting bloc.

Dr. Rice "ours has never been a nation of grievances & entitlement" Translation: Celebrate our successes & pursue others!

  Condi Rice: "We have never been jealous of each other, and never been envious of each others successes." Excellent stuff. 
Condoleeza Rice: "We do not have a choice. We cannot be reluctant to lead, and you cannot lead from behind."
  Condi takes the stage and rocks the convention hall!

Read the full text of the speech and watch the video.

Uh-oh.GOP's war on women+minorities narrative of the left taking quite a hit with yet another independent, brilliant female leader.
Gov. : "Welcome to 's retirement party!" Great way to start a speech!
  This year's Statesmen's Dinner speaker speaking at convention
  "President Obama is out of gas; Americans are out of patience, and our great Republic is almost out of time." ~
  In the Romney's box with fab SC governor @nikkihaley

Rod's comment: I am not in Tampa, but am glued to the TV watching the convention gravel-to-gravel and enjoying it immensely. I am watching it on C-span uninterrupted by commentary except for switching channels during musical interludes and long applause segment and then am catching a little on Fox, MSNBC and CNN. I think it is better to watch it unfiltered.

I have the utmost respect for John McCain and wish he was our President, however when John McCain essentially urged military intervention in Syria, he lost me. I am not so sure that the opponents of the Syrian regime would be preferable to the current Syrian regime. Also, foreign wars can be easy to get into and very hard to get out of. The last thing we need to do is to get bogged down in another war. We are a war-weary nation with no appetite for another war.At the same time, we must not abandon our leadership roll in the world.

Sen. John McCain speaking now.

  I miss him yet..W

Only the Pauls could deliver an effective speech that starts with a  discourse on the "enumerated powers."

 On the front row for :

 I'm sorry, what the hell is this?

Apparently Mitch McConnell's main job was to separate the Ron Paul tribute from Rand Paul's speech. Hence he took the air out of the room.

Turns out Ted Nugent was not the only Republican in Damn Yankees. Someone named Jack Blades is now performing.

McConnell is making a fairly good speech against Obama, but with his dry delivery, I see why they gave him this slot.

's Rep. Jimmy Duncan in video tribute. "Ron Paul is one of the most fiscally conservative members (in history.)"

For those keeping track at home, the tribute to Ron Paul came at 7:09 pm EDT. Was your local station broadcasting the convention?

. knocked that out of the park.

Great to see and at the Peter Thiel thing. and too.

For more reports from Tampa see Report #1, Report #2, Report # 3, Report # 4, Report # 5, Report # 6, and Report #7.

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