Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Costco signs new halal deal!

Costco signs new halal deal

by creeping
Anything for a buck. If nothing else you'll get a sense for the level of Islamic immigration by what's sold at your local Costco. via Saffron Road launches at Costco with new deal | Articles | IndUS Business Journal. h/t Islamist Watch Saffron Road, the packaged food brand of Stamford, Conn.-based American Halal Co., is [...] 

Costco sells halal meat and I don't care.

Krogers sells kosher dill pickles and I don't care.

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1 comment:

  1. I thought I had heard this before. I looked on the internet and sure enough this trash was floating around in 2010. It just isn't true. Here in Tennessee I ask Costco about this back then. There may be some areas of the country that may have sold some of the food, but not here. Probably started by a liberal that found out Mittens and Ann like to shop there.
    Who knows, who cares. We have a lot bigger problem to concentrate on and that is getting rid of Obama.
    Then we will deal with the Muslim Brotherhood issue.