Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dispatches from the trenches of Tampa: Report # 9

Ron supporters preparing to march at the .

Rod's Comment: This is totally disgusting! 
 I am deeply offended by the Peace sign. It was the banner under which those marched who stabbed us in the back during the Vietnam war. It the symbol of the enemies of this republic, in my view. To desecrate the flag with any symbol is a disgrace. To desecrate the flag with the Peace sign is a double disgrace. I like a lot of the Ron Paul message and was pleased to see he was honored at the RNC last night, however,  some of Ron Paul's supporters are closer to the "Occupy" camp, in my view, than the Republican camp. I would not be disappointed if some enraged veteran kicked the ass of the guy carrying the flag. Not that I condone violence but, I would donate to his defense fund if he attacked the guy carrying the flag.

Joined on from last night:

More of heading into the : View photo

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From : "Trampling on your own grass roots is an odd way to try to build a party."

.'s got a piece up about the movement (and Rules battle) at the :


GOP convention notebook: Former governor flirts with speaker 

2:21 AM, Aug 30, 2012, Written by Chas Sisk The Tennessean

The Tennessee delegation held a low-key tribute to House Speaker Beth Harwell Wednesday afternoon, honoring her for becoming the first woman to lead the state House of Representatives in 2011.

Gathering in a conference room in the delegation hotel in Safety Harbor, Fla., delegates watched a two-minute tribute to the speaker, then stood by as former Tennessee Gov. Winfield Dunn spoke for only slightly longer about his warm feelings toward Harwell.

.....the item that has been most in demand among the Tennessee delegation is a square button designed and handed out by fellow delegate Beth Campbell.
Tennessee's GOP convention delegation leaves disputes at home
The Tennessea, Aug 30, 2012, Written by Chas Sisk

TAMPA, FLA. — The differences that have shaken up the Tennessee Republican Party in recent months have not spilled over to Florida, where the party’s top leaders have been greeted warmly by a delegation that contains few tea party activists.
While delegations from some states have shown visible divisions, Tennessee’s time at the Republican National Convention has gone smoothly.

The state’s delegation contains none of the chairmen of the county parties who last month criticized Gov. Bill Haslam for employing a Tennessee-born Muslim to..;....
Clint Eastwood to speak on Thursday!
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John P Shorter and
Gov. Bill Haslam
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Convention Update with Governor Bill Haslam
 From the Convention

Like many of the nation’s Republican governors, I’m in Tampa for a couple of days this week to participate in the Republican National Convention. I have to say, it’s been a great experience so far. Yesterday, I had the honor and privilege of announcing that all 58 of Tennessee’s delegates were cast for Mitt Romney. And as you may have heard, I had a little fun working in a lot of the reasons Tennessee is one of the best states in the nation to live, work and raise a family. Mitt is very much a problem solver and exactly what this country needs – someone who will define reality and actually solve the multitude of problems we’re facing. Be sure to watch the video above for more details from Tampa. – Bill

 For more reports from Tampa see Report #1, Report #2, Report # 3, Report # 4, Report # 5, Report # 6, Report #7 and Report 8.

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