Saturday, August 11, 2012

Muslims look on Shariah in many ways

Muslims look on Shariah in many ways
The Tennessean, by Bill Andrews

On the wedding night, the groom suspects that his young bride is not the virgin he presumed her to be. He brings his case before the judges, and ......

You worry that something like this could happen in Tennessee ...... You really believe that Shariah law can be imposed on us by a minority of less than 1 percent of our state’s population? Get real.

It is doubtful that a Vanderbilt-educated American woman born in Michigan would interpret the Quran in the same way as an illiterate tribesman in Waziristan.

My Comment

Please read the above article. I find this much more believable and rational than the stuff I hear coming from the anti-Muslim "experts."  The author says that just as in Christianity there is a wide diversity of interpretation of the religion, there is also diversity in Islam.  There are even secular Muslims.  Not all Muslims are jihadist in waiting. 

One of the things I find preposterous about the anti-Muslim movement is the believe that with Muslims representing only 6/10th of a percent of the U. S. population and with us having a constitution which guarantees certain rights and procedures that we are in danger of falling under Sharia Law. As Mr. Alexander says, "get real."

For those who are not conservative political activist, you may not know of the extent of the anti-Muslim movement.  It is huge. There are websites, organizations, speaking tours, seminars, books and movies devoted to "educating" people about the dangers of Islam. I have attended several of these presentations. There is never any balance to the presentations.  The anti-Muslim "scholars" are usually people who are self-taught in the subject.  Some are educated people, but their education is in other fields.  People who attend these anti-Muslim programs are never presented with any real scholarship. One would never know that not all Muslim are not committed fanatics waiting to cut your throat if one gained their knowledge of Islam from attending one of these seminars.

I am glad to see opinions like this expressed. People need exposure to a broader range of opinion rather than that that is coming from the anti-Shariah movement. 

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