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"Our Enemy the State" by Albert Jay Nock is the next selection of Conservative Fusion

Conservative Fusion is a gathering of fellow conservatives of various stripes who enjoy discussing and debating political ideas, philosophy, worldview, intellectual influences, and exploring and discovering the philosophical foundations of conservatism and a free and well-ordered society. In the past I have participated in Libertarian Party supper clubs in Huntsville, Montgomery, and Birmingham, Alabama and I am hopeful of finding other conservatives, libertarians, and Constitutionalists in the Nashville area who are ready for something similar, an opportunity to gather and discuss varying conservative perspectives and principles and not partisan political electioneering or organizational minutiae. Not looking for a gathering of conspiracy theorists, "Truth-ers", or "Birth-ers", but rather reasonable-minded conservatives from a variety of strands--traditionalists, libertarians, social conservatives, fiscal/economic conservatives, religious/Christian conservatives, neo-conservatives, New Right conservatives, Old Right conservatives, etc. Come join us!

Gene Wisdom
Our Enemy the State, by Albert Jay Nock
Book Description Publication
Date: 2009

What does one need to know about politics? In some ways, Nock has summed it all up in this astonishing book. Here was a prominent essayist at the height of the New Deal. In 1935, hardly any public intellectuals were making much sense at all. They pushed socialism. They pushed fascism. Everyone had a plan. Hardly anyone considered the possibility that the state was not fixing society but destroying it bit by bit. And so Albert Jay Nock came forward to write what need to be written. And he ended up penning a classic of American political commentary, one that absolutely must be read by every student of economics and government.

Consider his opening two paragraphs:

If we look beneath the surface of our public affairs, we can discern one fundamental fact, namely: a great redistribution of power between society and the State. This is the fact that interests the student of civilization. He has only a secondary or derived interest in matters like price-fixing, wage-fixing, inflation, political banking, "agricultural adjustment," and similar items of State policy that fill the pages of newspapers and the mouths of publicists and politicians.

All these can be run up under one head. They have an immediate and temporary importance, and for this reason they monopolize public attention, but they all come to the same thing; which is, an increase of State power and a corresponding decrease of social power. 

229 pages, paperback

Location and date to be announced. There is time to order and read the book.
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