Sunday, August 26, 2012

What they are doing in Tampa: Report #2

Adam Nickas   

Tennessee Street (formerly Main St.) in Safety Harbor, FL! #GOP2012

Tennessee delegates excited to push for Romney

Knoxville News Sentinel
Email this to a friend. Workers prepare the stage for the Republican National Convention inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum, Saturday, Aug. 25, 2012, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite). WASHINGTON — The first time Jennifer Little set foot on ...

'Better felt than told'
The Tennessean
Winfield Dunn, the former Tennessee governor, remembers clearly the man sitting by himself in a VIP section at the 1968 Republican National Convention. The man's face .... Matlock, 53, will attend his first Republican National Convention in Tampa. He ...

Mark Norris
The pilot informs us it's going to be bumpy landing in Tampa.
  Kathleen Starnes
Going to bed so I will be rested for a week in Tampa. Dodging Isaac but so excited. Follow all the action on Facebook of the Republican Convention. I will wave at all of you..
 Matthew Hurtt .@MSNBC desperately wanted #Isaac to hit the #GOPConvention; latest models show it heading toward #NOLA. 10:09 AM - 26 Aug 12

Hanging out with @TNiskakangas on this flight. Oh, hey @fran_chambers and @michaeltmoroney!

Matthew Hurtt @matthewhurtt
.@ArturDavis getting a warm reception at the baggage claim area..

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  1. Rod - how's it going? I know, it's been a while. I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I'm back in the blogosphere again. Figured - being from the Tampa area myself and politics really beginning to heat up again - I'll jump in feet first.

    In case you haven't heard yet - the RNC convention has been delayed a day because of Isaac. Everyone is hunkered down here right now. While we aren't going to get a direct hit this time - we are expecting torrential rains - which causes a LOT of flooding here.

    Anyway - keep up great convention reporting. If I hear something in the local news regarding any of your TN delegates I'll shoot you a link

  2. Great to hear from you. Glad to hear you are still blogging. I will visit you site soon. If you see any folks from Tennessee, say hello and be kind to them. Thanks, Rod

  3. Given that I was born in Clarksville - I have a soft spot for you guys from TN.