Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chris Christie fends off right wing nuts

Wall Street Journal

An obscure Christie administration regional planning document called the State Strategic Plan has fueled opposition among a faction of the state's staunchest conservatives who said the proposal usurps property rights. 


Some called it part of "Agenda 21," a nonbinding U.N. resolution from 1992 that encourages conservation and strategic planning. The resolution has become a flash point for tea-party groups across the country, and the Republican Party added language against Agenda 21 to its convention platform....(Christie Fends Off Right)

My Comment: I have not provided recent updates but the Anti-Agenda 21, John Birch Society  led campaign continues. All across America, at city council meetings and at meetings of county governing bodies and at planning commissions, people are denouncing codes and planning and zoning and wide shady sidewalks and bike lanes  and small apartments and traffic roundabouts and mass transit and numerous other things as part of a vast conspiracy to take away our property rights and enslave us. The nuttiest of the nutty content all of these things they don't like are part of a vast conspiracy to kill 97% of the world's population by poisoning them with aspartame and fluoride. (To read more on this strange topic follow this link.)

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