Friday, September 7, 2012

What would the founding fathers tell Barack Obama

What would the founding fathers tell Barack Obama if they could come back from the beyond to talk to him? Would they think he is leading the Country in the right direction or the wrong direction? What advice would they have for him? Would President Obama be willing to take their advice? Ross Edward Puskar in Founding Fathers Know Best gives his answers to these intriguing questions.

George Washington, President of the "President Club", sends his top team of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison back to the White House to talk to President Obama and offer him advice on everything from gas prices, our rising debt, class warfare, immigration policy, healthcare and more.

In this satire, the author combines teaching history lessons, philosophical concepts, and an explanation of the uniqueness and wisdom of the Constitution into an easy to read entertaining tale. Complicated concepts are easily explained without those explanations becoming simplistic and wisdom is presented as the common sense of great men. The personalities of the various spirits shine through as for seven evenings they meet with President Obama, analyze the issue facing our country and give advice informed by experience and over two hundred years of observing the successes and failures of their successors.

This is Ross Puskar’s first book and well worth reading. Anyone who loves history or is concerned about the state of our nation should read this book. I hope to read more from this talented author.

For more on this book follow this link.

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  1. If the Founding Fathers came back to give him a piece of their minds it probably wouldn't be pg rated or non-violent.

  2. They would probably make Obama feel like he needs to be impeached. With all the lack of jobs, low economy, and has prices in the $4-$5 range. The Founding Fathers would be real mad....