Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Charles Williamson Identifies Campaign Chicanery

Republican Candidate Offers $5000 Reward to Letter Author
Nashville, TN --- For several weeks, a letter has been circulating in Tennessee’s House District 50, and Charles Williamson is eager to chat with the author, although he’s pretty sure that she doesn’t exist.
“I’ve been focused on issues and I have been forthcoming with my contact information. I’ve had many welcome and lively conversations with constituents.” Williamson says. “If this voter really exists, I’d be happy to address her concerns. Further, if she will come forward and show her voter registration, I’ll personally donate $5000 to the charity of her choice.”
State Election Coordinator, Mark Goins, confirmed to the Williamson campaign that there is no “Glenda R. Williams” registered to vote at the equally non-existent return address of “110 Old Madison Road” in Nashville. Still, Charles Williamson is offering a generous donation on behalf of the author of the letter which challenges everything from his support of the Second Amendment, (he is life member of the NRA and carries that organization’s endorsement), to his interest in agriculture.
The issues raised in the illegal letter match almost exactly a recent negative mailer by Williamson’s opponent. Among the claims is Williamson’s acceptance of farm subsidies, which in fact, he has never taken on his Davidson County properties.
Chairman of the Nashville Election Commission, Lynn Greer, has put to rest the topics of Williamson’s voter registration and residency. “Charles Williamson is a legal resident of the 50th District and is legally registered to vote in that district,” Greer says.
"Our campaign continues to reach out to voters across our community to tell them about our plan to get more Tennesseans back to work. While others may resort to shady, anonymous attacks by mail and online, I know that voters find it refreshing to hear about the issues. They’re not interested in sideshows. We’re all tired of these desperate, malicious tactics."
The Williamson campaign has focused on the candidate’s extensive experience as a Middle Tennessee business owner and job creator who has been demonstrably involved in community service projects through organizations like the Bellevue Exchange Club and Chamber Leadership.
"It’s already forgery and mail fraud,” Williamson says. "If the money for this letter is traced to my opponent or anyone acting on his behalf, it’s also a clear violation of campaign finance law."

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