Thursday, November 1, 2012

State Agency Not Sure Its Funds Are 'Public Funds' | Nashville News, Weather 
By Phil Williams
Chief Investigative Reporter

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Officials with Tennessee's Housing Development Agency say they're just spending money like lots of businesses do.

Our investigation found tens of thousands of dollars for restaurants -- Maggiano's being a favorite -- and catering.

"Any idea how much you all spend on catering?" we asked Smith.

"I have not added it up," she answered.

"But you're the chair of a state agency," we noted.

"Well, this is Tennessee Housing -- this is not a state agency," he insisted.

That may come as a surprise to state lawmakers who created the agency and approve its budget.

My Comment: No comment. I am an employee of a HUD-approved, non-profit, housing counseling agency that has an association with THDA. To avoid a conflict of interest, I will not comment on this development. I am simply passing along public information.  

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