Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Haslam right to defend Samar Ali from being 'unfairly maligned'

Haslam right to defend Samar Ali from being 'unfairly maligned' 

December 5, 2012,, By: David Oatney- 

 Samar Ali was born in Waverly, Tennessee-that’s Tennessee, not Tehran. She was the student body President at Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt may be many things since it has adopted it’s intolerant policies about tolerance, but a center of terrorist activity it is not, nor is it some kind of universal hub of militant Islam. I don’t know how personally conservative or liberal Ms. Ali is, but I have not only known Muslims who were moral or social conservatives, but I have known more than one who have been rather vocal in their support of the Republican Party. As was said in this very column in July, it certainly seems as though the primary problem that most of the people who have been so vocal in opposing Ms. Ali’s presence in State government have with her is that she is a Muslim. None of these people have produced one single shred of evidence that Samar Ali is anything other than a fellow Tennessean who is educated, an expert in her field, and who happens to go to a mosque on Fridays. I don’t think it is a stretch to say that many of the same people who are-as the Governor rightly says-unfairly maligning Samar Ali have never even met a Muslim, let alone shook hands with one, eaten with one, spoken with one, or associated with one. The only thing most of these characters know about Muslims is that they have funny-sounding names and that some of their co-religionists are militant to the point of war in their hatred of Israel and America. The latter reality is a real concern, but suicide bombers are no more representative of all Muslims than David Koresh was representative of all evangelicals or Seventh Day Adventists, or Warren Jeffs might be representative of Mormons.
My Comment: Amen. I agree. Rod

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1 comment:

  1. Mr. Williams,

    I have seen your many statements in opposition to those who recognize the Mohammadan/Islamacist threat for what it is. I find it puzzling for anyone in this day and age who proclaims to be intelligent to be acting willfully naive when it comes to knowing the goals of this political ideology. To call it a religion is dubious, it is a cult of death with an absolute ideology that demands of its adherents to lie to, convert, or kill those that would stand in its way... and the ultimate goal is world domination. Its "Allah" is not our God, but Satan.

    Wrapping oneself in the "high-mindedness" of so-called "tolerance" and in the Constitution, for which Islamacism shares no such similar values, is certainly no virtue. If one were to substitute the ideology for the word, "Nazi", would you remain so tolerant or supportive of it ? Before you cite Godwin's Law, I might remind you that no less a person than Dr. Carl Jung himself, the eminent psychiatrist and compatriot of Dr. Sigmund Freud, recognized Naziism itself as a repackaged Islam for Germans. Islamic adherents were very anxious to join the Nazi party, so much so that Hitler had to issue directives to curtail their participation in the Middle East. It was a political party that was completely in sync with that ideology. Saddam Hussein's Ba'athist party was founded upon those joint ideals.

    I find it similarly no surprise that those on the left (an ideology that has embraced horrific causes from Communism to Fascism, Naziism, et al) make common cause with the Islamicist way, as their contempt for American and Constitutionalist (and Judeo-Christian) ideals is a shared "value."

    Basically, it boils down to this: We should not give any quarter or sympathy to any adherent of this alien threat to humanity's existence (not just America, but every civilized nation on Earth, to which it poses a threat). Its adherents should not be in any governmental position, be it elective, bureaucratic, or military. As long as they remain an adherent, their true goals are crystal clear. They cannot be trusted to uphold the values of our way of life when they are pledged to bring them down and replace the system with those spelled out in their ideological guidebook, the Koran. I don't care how nice the person may be, or how accomplished. If they are a member of this ideology knowing everything it stands for, they are the enemy.

    We can pretend all we want to that it isn't so, but they have been at war with the rest of humanity for 1,400 years. How many more atrocities will continue to go on on a daily basis before the so-called intelligensia wake up to that reality ?

    Respectfully yours,
    ~~The Disgruntled Conservative