Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hundreds rally to 'Just Say NO' to a State Obamacare exchange

Steve Gill
Dec. 5, 2012- About 300 to 400 people gathered downtown for a noon rally on the north end of Memorial plaza today to rally to urge Governor Haslam to reject sitting up an Obamacare insurance state exchange. Argument against sitting up the exchange was that it would be costly to the state , that the federal government has not issue clear guidelines as to how much flexibility the State would have in administering the exchanges, and that we should continue resistance to Obamacare.

Bobbie Patray of Tennessee Eagle Forum asked the crowd, "Have you ever been to the Pottery Barn and seen one of those signs that say, 'If you break it, you own it?'"  "Well," she said, "Obama owns it."

In addition to Bobbie Patray, speakers at the rally included radio host Steve Gill, tea party leader Ken Marrero, and anti-tax advocate Ben Cunningham.

Bobbie Patray
Three hundred people is a pretty good crowd to gather on short notice on a work day in down town Nashville. Where did they all park?  I tried parking at the downtown library but there was no available space. I ended up taking my changes and parked in a parking space designated for loading and unloaded on Deaderick St. and got a $54 fine. Ouch!

I got there late and left early so did not observe the whole rally. 

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