Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gestapo-like paramilitary raids on small businesses

Why does the Federal government need to raid a place of business with 50 agents with guns drawn when one person with a subpoena would be sufficient?  Why does the government use Gestapo tactics when it is not a criminal raid?  You will recall that federal agents raided Gibson guitar in a similar fashion over a possible violation of the Lacey Act. Basically the origin of some wood was in question.

The response to some paperwork not being in order should not be a military-style raid, and detention without charges, and confiscation of property and treating people like terrorist.

This is an outrage! This is not supposed to happen in America. These raids are intended to intimidate. Peoples' rights are being violated! The Constitution is being trampled! It is happening more and more often. This must stop!

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  1. What is the status of this case at present? Has the property confiscated by our overreaching Fed ever been returned to Gibson?


    1. Gibson agreed to pay $350,000 and improve its import controls in exchange for the government deferring prosecution of environmental crimes. I don't know if Gibson got it's wood returned or not. Agreeing to a government settlement should not, however, be interpreted as guilt. It is difficult to stand up to the Fed's.

      Read more here:

  2. "It is difficult to stand up to the Fed's."

    Indeed! It is even more difficult when they act from an "agendized"/ideological motivation rather than one of authentic justice.

    Thank you for for your response.