Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hemlock's closing and government picking winners and losers | Nashville News, Weather 

In case you missed it, earlier this week Hemlock announced that it was laying off most of it's employees before it ever opened.  Hemlock was a company that was supposed to make Tennessee a leader in the emerging solar energy field. It was to be the first of many that would spring up to support the solar industry.  Hemlock would not have  happened had not the State pored money into the project. Hemlock is the State version of Solyndra, the federal boondoggle that also went bust after massive public investment. 

To encourage the development of Hemlock we gave tax dollars and tax exemptions and expanded Austin Peay University to provide a program specifically designed to produce trained workers for Hemlock. Now, that is money down the drain.

It is immoral to take money from one business to subsidize another business. That is what we do when do do deals like Hemlock.  Government has a roll in producing an infrastructure and a trained workforce that is attractive to businesses but picking certain businesses to subsidize is simply wrong.  Also, government does not do a very good job at picking winners and losers.

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