Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I am sick at the thought of John Kerry being Secretary of State.

I am just sick at the thought of John Kerry being Secretary of State.  I know Republicans can not oppose all of the Presidents nominees. They must pick their battles. Also, there is some validity to the argument that the person who won the office of President should have the right to pick the advisers of his choosing.

Still, I can not help but feel that it is wrong that a man like John Kerry will now be the chief diplomat for our Country. I feel like the enemies of our country are now in the seat of power. Those who betrayed us and stabbed us in the back are now in control. The enemy won.

I have felt that way since the election of Barack Obama. He himself was not one who stabbed us in the back; he was too young. He was, however, friends with SDS terrorist Bernadette Dorn and Viet Cong supporter and Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers who launched Obama's political career and groomed him. The WU had extensive ties with Communist leaders in Cuba, Vietnam and Russia. Their stated goal was to establish world communism and overthrow capitalism in America. They were involved in the Chicago riots, had ties to the PLO, Quebec Liberation Front, Black Liberation Front and numerous other communist and left wing movements. They bombed police stations and campus offices and now the person they groomed for office is President and one of the anti-war radicals of that era is now Secretary of State.

I almost, but not quite, felt the same way when draft dodger Bill Clinton was elected President. For the first time, I felt we were electing someone who essentially was not a patriot. I felt we were not only electing someone who did not share my political views, but someone who had a basic different view of America. Bill Clinton's saving grace, as I saw it, was that he did not believe in much of anything. He was a fun-loving opportunist. He was not a committed enemy of America but a product of his time without any deep convictions.

I did not feel the same about Jimmy Carter as I felt about Bill Clinton and the way I feel about Barack Obama. I felt Carter was incompetent and misguided and wrong, but I did not feel he was a bad person. I believe he loved this Country and I believe he was a good person. I felt Bill Clinton was of the "other side" but without deep convictions.  I feel Barack Obama is of the enemy camp.

And now, we have a Secretary of State who was part of the movement that engineered our defeat in Vietnam and wanted to radically transform this country. I am still convinced that we did not lose the war in Vietnam, but we lost it on the streets and college campuses of America by traitors like Jane Fonda and John Kerry. For a while, I felt our nation teetered on the edge and our founding was not secure. With the election of Ronald Reagan, we pulled back from the edge and were again secure and have been for a while.  Now however, with the election of Barack Obama to a second term and his putting in positions of power people like John Kerry, I again feel we are teetering on the edge and we are leaning toward the abyss. God help us.


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  1. There are several big assumptions not fully made in your post:

    1. It needs to be noted that, however brave and effective US troops may have or not have been in the Cold War sideshow of Vietnam, the simple fact is that big, expensive Western armies COULD NOT WIN against the Viet Cong guerrillas. Virtually any standard text on the origins of the war presents damning evidence that Pentagon and White House knew the war could not be won, and yet sent you to fight anyway.

    No amount of "encouragement" in a free country six thousand miles away can undo the effects of thousands of tons of napalm and 600,000 foreign occupation troops in the middle of a civil war. Operation Rolling Thunder? More ordinance dropped on civilians than used in all of WWII?

    I know that there are patriots and ex-vets who have their feelings hurt by these facts, but there you have it: The US LOST the Vietnam war because it could not control the country side without using nuclear weapons.

    True, whenever the conventional armies of North Vietnam engaged in frontal attack (such as the Tet, or in 1972), the US exacted extreme casualties, it still not make the US occupation work.

    2. Why do you, and oh so many patriotic vets, have to engage in ad hominem attacks on a handful of folks who had NO POWER in the 1960s who questioned the use of napalm on the Vietnamese? Why must you judge their actions based upon perceived motives (eg, college student Clinton the opportunist, GA state senator Carter the dummy, Lt. Kerry the commie) ?

    Have you ever considered the possibility that Kerry and the satanic Jane Fonda were RIGHT to disapprove of the pointless slaughter in a part of the world that had no importance? HOW IS QUESTIONING THE ACTIONS OF THE GOVERNMENT "betrayal"? Especially when those "patriotic leaders" questioned were men of the proven liars and d idiots LBJ and NIXON?

    Do you really want to defend an establishment we now know KNEW they could not win the war? Why are you not angry at a presidents who simply fed you and your friends into a political meat-grinder?

    And consider, Mr Williams, that almost FOUR DECADES after the US military lost the war, the Communist state of Vietnam is selling furniture to the USA, and no one cares! Yes all that sacrifice you note WAS indeed for nothing, in the sense that clearly we see that there was NO DANGER TO THE USA to fought against in Vietnam.

    3. Finally, your post goes on and on not with evidence of any important public issue, but rather YOUR FEELINGS. Honestly, you sound like an Oprah guest: I FEEL we could have won. I FEEL Clinton was this, Kerry was that. I FEEL the "enemy" (?!) is now in power etc.

    There are, I am sorry to say, few cheaper rhetorical moves than a veteran waving the "bloody shirt" and self-righteously pouring out his resentment for a political statement. At the very least it smacks of the old Nazi ploy of the DOLCHSTOSS LEGEND (or "Stabbed in the back"--a terrible phrase you use above).

    Mr Williams closes:

    "Those who betrayed us and stabbed us in the back are now in control. The enemy won....positions of power people like John Kerry, I again feel we are teetering on the edge and we are leaning toward the abyss. God help us."

    Well there is nothing to be added to that other than to note the numerous posts on this website bemoaning the large number of "fever swamp' conservatives who believe evil "conspiracy theories" that you do not happen to like.

    Is the this state of the American Right? Then we ARE teetering on the abyss.

    God help us all.

    And God help the poor Vietnamese civilians who are still dealing with the effects of American cowardly mass murder from the skies.

    1. Go fuck yourself. We didn't lose a single battle in Vietnam. We didn't win because we weren't allowed to win. Limp-wristed liberal pussies like yourself should fuck off and let people with a backbone fix things. You call us cowards, but what about the cowardly Vietnamese who put bombs in shoeboxes and shit like that, because that was the only way they could inflict any large amount of casualties.