Friday, January 11, 2013

Metro Councilman Tim Garrett looking at running for vice mayor

Tim Garrett
Tim Garrett
The Tennessean, January 11th, 2013, by Michael Cass - Metro Councilman Tim Garrett said today that he’s “99 percent sure” he’ll run countywide for vice mayor of Nashville in 2015.

Garrett, who served on the council from 1991 to 1999 and returned in 2007 – all in an at-large seat – said his institutional memory would help to guide a council that will be full of new faces after Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors, all five at-large members and numerous district members are forced out by term limits. (link)

My Comment: I think Tim Garret would make a good vice mayor.  I don't always agree with the way Tim votes, but I don't always agree with anyone.  Even our good republicans in the council vote for things like price-fixing and resolutions praising the EPA and opposing Charter schools, so I am not so sure that the party one identifies with makes a whole lot of difference.   

Tim did support the mayors tax increase last year and I don't like that, but then all but five of the council members supported it.  Tim Garrett is a Democrat but I perceive him to be a conservative Democrat. He is a common sense legislator. He is smart, does his homework and is conscientious. In addition, Tim Garrett is just a really nice guy. Any time I have ever written Tim or called him he has called me back.

A couple years ago when we were fighting to get early voting restored, after the election commission had drastically reduced the number of voting places and days of early voting, Tim Garrett was one of the first to go to bat to get early voting restored. If Tim should be elected vice mayor, I am certain he would be fair in his committee assignments effectively and fairly conduct council meetings.

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