Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hundreds gather to share their vison for Nashville

Council Member Karen Johnson puts her thoughts on a sticky note
Hundreds of Nashvillians gathered at the downtown public library today to kick off NashvilleNext, the city's two-year process to develop a 25-year plan for Nashville.

Displays told of Nashville history of development, the changing demographics and issue that will impact what will happen to Nashville in the future. In what has become a common process at these type event people put their opinions on sticky notes which were posted to a board, then others could second those opinions by placing sticky dots to the notes. There was a board for "What do you like about Nashville," and one for "What would you like for Nashville over the next 25 years." Other booths provided other means of input.

Speakers at the event included poetry readings from The Southern Word, and talk by former Maryland governor Parris Glendening, president of Smart Growth America's Leadership Institute, on "Opportunities for Today's Cities to Lead Tomorrow's World," and an address by Mayor Karl Dean.

In some circles "planning" is a dirty word and "smart growth" and "sustainable" have been assumed to be code words for a diabolical plot. Please do not, not take part in this process because groups like the John Birch Society and people like Alex Jones have demonized planning. This process needs the input of everyone who calls Nashville home.  Please do not boycott the process and let other plan your city's future. Nashville can continue to grow and thrive and our future can be brighter than our past or we can enter a period of decline.  Much of what the future looks like is within our power to influence.

To learn more and get involved in the process, follow this link: NashvilleNext.

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